Free downloadable Santa letter template

Tuesday S. is an impressive illustrator who fills her whole life with art and design. Today, we’re lucky that a little of her Tuesday goodness is spilling over onto our blog. She created this Santa letter template just in time for kids of all ages to record their wishes (and you can bet we’re all doing one here at Hallmark HQ)!

Free downloadable Santa letter template |

Write a letter to Santa

Basically, Christmas is my jam. I love everything about it! The music, the decorating, the extra five pounds that I will inevitably be gaining from all the goodies.

But I especially love all of the magical details. There are never too many details in Christmas. This is my daughter’s first year of really getting excited about Santa Claus. She even got so excited last weekend when we went to see him that she raced past all the kids in line and shimmied right up his leg and onto his lap. ­­­­­­­­ She’s opportunistic and isn’t about to miss a chance to tell the Big Guy about all of her Christmas wishes. She gave him a big hug, but we all know Santa’s in it for the treats!

So, I whipped up this little downloadable Santa letter. You can use this template to create a wish list to mail to the North Pole, or, as my daughter did, to write a thank you note to leave with the goods.

Pro tip: Don’t forget the reindeer!

I can’t imagine that an entire night of flying a giant, toy-filled sleigh all over the world is an easy work! Dasher and Dancer are gonna need plenty of carrots to make sure they get the job done.

Download your free Santa letter template

Get Tuesday’s Santa letter template here.

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