Free digital wallpapers for a summer in full swing

Like many of us, Hallmark creative Jessica Brace lives for summer. Today she combines her love for high temps with her passion for design by bringing you four (free!) downloadable wallpapers that are sure to keep your summer spirit bright.

Summer is in full swing, and as they say in Cali, “I’m stoked!” I love picnics in the park and playing with my son…I love fresh fruit—yes, pineapples and watermelons included—and fun in the sun. But, please don’t forget the SPF 50 because I’m a fairly pasty lady…and by fairly pasty, I mean really pasty.

The highlight of my summer is our family’s annual beach trip. In my opinion, this is an experience EVERY child should have if they don’t live near a beach already. When I met my husband, Eric, he broke a tiny piece of my heart when he told me “I am not a beach guy.” I wisely chose to ignore Mr. Colorado’s clouded perception because it was obviously misguided. One cute son and many family beach trips later, I think Eric has a growing an appreciation for my surfside passion.

Nine years ago, I left Los Angeles’s perpetual summer behind for a great opportunity at Hallmark Cards in Kansas City. Needless to say, regular beach trips are mandatory for my sanity. Prior to LA, I lived in the subtropical city of Savannah, Georgia, where I earned my design degree at Savannah College of Art and Design and went on to art direct Scuba Diving magazine (yes, tropical work trips were involved).

Let’s be honest, the KC winters are still a total shock to my system. Every winter I ask myself, “Am I going to make it?” The frostbite certainly wouldn’t be worth it if I hadn’t landed in a HOTBED of creativity at Hallmark! Plus, starting a family here sealed the deal. So now, I live for the summer. And although some people in KC hate the humidity, I am not one. I like to think of it as “the world giving me a hug.”

These wallpaper designs were inspired by my love for summer and Hallmark’s vast visual archives. Searching the archives for design ideas and inspiration is definitely a big perk of my job. As a creative professional, I’m so lucky to have access to thousands of new and vintage resources right at my fingertips! For this project, I created some new elements and also pulled from designs created in the past by talented Hallmark artists. With a fresh color palette and some redesign, I was able to tie this summer icon collection together. We used four pieces from the collection to create free digital wallpapers to help you celebrate summer (even if you can’t get to a beach).

Summer Inspired Free Downloadable Wallpapers | thinkmakeshareblog.comSummer Inspired Free Downloadable Wallpapers | thinkmakeshareblog.comSummer Inspired Free Downloadable Wallpapers | thinkmakeshareblog.comSummer Inspired Free Downloadable Wallpapers |

Download Summer Pineapples HERE.

Download Tropical Palm HERE.

Download Watermelon Wedges HERE.

Download Fancy Flamingo HERE.

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  1. 7.12.15 | Reply
    Hannah wrote:

    I love these!!! Have you thought of making these desktop backgrounds into fabric on ? They would sell like hotcakes! I would totally buy them!