Exploring the craft of embroidery


“Embroidery. Can we do that?”

The question started buzzing around the studio. For many of us, our interest in an embroidery workshop was purely to try something new. For others, a workshop presented a no-stress opportunity to teach and share skills they’ve been perfecting for years.

With needles and thread in tow, a few members of the creative studio set off to investigate the craft of embroidery. At our disposal was the amazing (and well stocked!) on-site fiber studio…and the knowledge of those eager to share their passion for stitch-making.


Once we had an understanding of the basic stitches, we were left to a day of exploration and practice. We quickly came to realize that although embroidery has many technical tasks and opportunities for perfectionism to take over, the true challenge was to capture our unique creative voices in this atypical medium.



Perfect or not, we all found out that we can embroider, and I’d bet that many of us will keep it up. I would encourage anyone interested in “drawing” with a new medium to give it a try!





Photography by embroidery workshop participants Lorraine Elmore, Amber Goodwin, Lynn Guinta, Allie Fields and Livy Long.

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