Envelope art: Making mail beautiful, just because

Who doesn’t get a little rush out of seeing a piece of happy mail in a stack of bills and credit card offers? Or smile real big when you find a card on your chair or desk? Now: Imagine the look on your friend or loved one’s face when they get a piece of art made especially for them from you. Right?!?! And THAT’S why we love envelope art.

Get inspired to design your own envelope art

In honor of National Card and Letter Writing Month, we picked out some “just because” cards we love and created envelopes to match. True fact: Our in-house research folks tell us the cards that have the most emotional ka-POW are the ones you send out of the blue. So don’t feel like you need a specific reason. Any excuse will do! Starting with the card design is a one of our favorite ways to get inspired to make envelope art.

Envelope art: 3D paper flower to match floral design card

Envelope art: 3D paper flower to match floral design card

Add a paper flower

Pick a card with a lovely floral design on the front, then DIY a flower on the envelope. We swiped a template from our post about making crepe paper flowers and improvised a simpler version—super easy to do with any colored paper.

Mail art: Ladybug thumbprints on envelope and card

Make some thumbprint ladybugs

The envelope inspired by this design is just too easy—and would be a good candidate to mail. Grab a stamp pad, ink up a fingertip or two, and make prints on an envelope. You’re a few dots and squiggles away from an adorable ladybug infestation. Bonus: this one is incredibly kid friendly, and one of the more mailable examples.

Envelope art: Glitter-covered envelope liner and matching card

Envelope art: Glitter-covered envelope liner and paper confetti with matching card

Use glitter for good

Sending an envelope full of confetti and glitter is dangerous and potentially evil…UNLESS YOU DO IT RIGHT. We got super-inspired by this adorable card, so we figured out a way to do it without losing friends:

  • Follow the instructions in this post for making an envelope liner, but use plain paper.
  • Before you insert that liner, hit it hard with spray adhesive and pour some glitter on it. (Cover your work surface or use a tray, y’all.) Dump the loose glitter back where it came from and then put your liner in the envelope.
  • Use a circle punch to make giant tissue paper confetti and load up the card.

Also: If you don’t address this with a glitter pen, we don’t even know who you are anymore.

Envelope art: DIY felt pennant with matching card

Envelope art: DIY felt pennant with matching card

DIY a felt pennant

This is the ultimate in fan mail. Make a 3D version of this pennant with some felt, a swizzle stick (you could substitute a chopped-off wooden skewer), and some hot glue. A little snip in the envelope and it slides right in.

Mail art: 3D Watercolor butterfly with glitter-covered envelope liner, shown with matching card

Mail art: 3D Watercolor butterfly with glitter-covered envelope liner, shown with matching card

Give an envelope wings

This one is a little more complicated, but the results are so very, very worth it. And it would work with just about any butterfly card design.

  • Start by sliding a thick piece of paper or cardboard into the envelope.
  • Add some abstract watercolor accents on the envelope. Check out this post for easy techniques.
  • Once that’s dry, pencil in some butterfly wings and cut them out with a craft knife. Be sure to leave enough space in the middle that they won’t tear off easily.
  • Cut a piece of paper slightly smaller than the closed envelope, and follow the instructions above to cover it with glitter. (You could also use decorative paper.) Slide it in with the pretty side facing the front of the envelope, and tape or glue it in place.
  • Fold the wings gently so the glitter shows through.

Looking for more inspiration for National Card and Letter Writing Month? Start here. Stock up here. Get tips here. And see more mail art here and here. And, obviously, share your envelope art with us by tagging your gorgeousness #pswritebacksoon. 


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