Dog Collars: custom designs for your furry friends

Hallmark designer Leslie S. can do it all. She makes fresh smoothies, creates cute plush creations and loves on her fur babies like a boss. Knowing that there are a lot of fur baby lovers around Hallmark, she asked some to join her for a few hours in a workshop embroidering dog collars. Read on to see what they came up with!

I love my dog, Izzie. That big, beautiful lug of a bullmastiff brightens my world daily, and I strive to do the same for her. Recently, I set out to surprise my girl with a new, comfy, washable, sustainable and personalized dog collar with style perfectly suited for her. It sounds like a tall order, but it was totally doable.

I started by sewing some black canvas into a sleeve for an adjustable leather collar. Then came the fun part. I grabbed my overflowing box of embroidery floss and selected a suitable, fresh color palette. The toughest decision was determining what to stitch. Ultimately, I embroidered several colorful rows of straight running stitches—sweet and simple.

Izzie seems to approve, and she rocks it well!

Embroidered Dog Collars with custom rainbow stitching

Because the sleeve is removable (which comes in handy for washing), I thought it’d be fun to make more sleeves and be able to switch it up every now and then. So I asked some friends with fur kids to join me in making cat and dog collars.

Embroidered Dog Collars made by Hallmark artists

Embroidered Pet Collars |

Embroidered Dog Collars made by hallmark artists

Custom Embroidered Dog Collars with unique stitching in a variety of colors

From bold stripes to lovely florals to hand-stitched names—the finished assortment of custom collars was pretty awesome.

A couple of the designs went beyond great aesthetic style. Allyson L. emblazed Kirby’s collar with lightening bolts to boost his moxie during thunderstorms. And Susan C. went a little rogue for a good cause—she created an “ADOPT ME” pennant for adoptable pups to wear when meeting their potential forever families.

Most importantly, each dog collar is embroidered with love and is as one-of-a-kind as the beast wearing it.

Custom Embroidered Dog Collars shown on dogs

Custom Embroidered Pet Collars shown on dogs displaying their names

Custom Embroidered Dog Collars with "Adopt Me" on pets ready for a new home

Embroidered Dog Collars with stitched floral patterns

Share pics of your pets in your collar creations on Instagram—tag us @think.make.share! We’ve got more great ideas to please your pets! Check out our dog crafts and DIY cat toys—and don’t miss out on our yummy recipe for dog treats.



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  1. 8.26.16 | Reply
    Patricia wrote:

    So appreciated the process you went through to develop your idea and that you included your friends! None of us is as smart as all of us ? How can one purchase a collar if we are all thumbs?

  2. 9.29.16 | Reply
    judy rankin wrote:

    Love your ideas for dog collars.

  3. 2.22.19 | Reply
    Jen wrote:

    I’m curious how you did this after the sleeve was sewn? Since it would be hard to access the inside for securing the thread.

    • 2.25.19 | Reply
      Trish B. wrote:

      I asked Leslie! Her response:

      It did up the level of difficulty a bit—embroidering after the sleeve was sewn. But it was much easier to use a machine to stitch the sleeves closed before the embroidery was added. One tip that made embroidering on the closed sleeves easier was to choose a design that takes each thread color from one end of the sleeve to the other. That way, you only need to tie knots at the ends of the sleeve rather than somewhere in the middle.
      I made cardboard strips [to insert in the sleeves] in hopes that would help people from stabbing themselves. The strip method got mixed reviews. 😉

      Thanks for asking! —Trish

  4. 7.13.19 | Reply
    Carolynda wrote:

    Wow! What a wonderful idea and fished product. I love them. Upon adopting my Teddy I discovered little jackets and hoodies that were both adorable and useful in the cold winter. But, I was never happy with what I found for tags and collars. I made a couple of collars with retail sold tags but they didn’t last long. He lost his last set of tags last week. I love the personalised ones that are also stylishly study. Nice job!