Elegant Halloween pumpkins: Add some drama to your decor

So you’re decorating for Halloween and the feeling you’re going for is something stylish, grown-up, and on-trend. SAME. Which is how Hallmark Designer Tuesday S. ended up flipping through our trends forecast and pulling together inspiration for a pumpkin-decorating workshop. The focus: Elegant Halloween pumpkins. We’ll let her take it from here.

Elegant Halloween pumpkins: Black, white, and red pumpkins painted in different designs.

Elegant Halloween pumpkins: Inspiration and supplies

Yeah, I got real deep for this pumpkin workshop. 

I was going for something decadent, moody, and theatrical. So we began with limited colors of pumpkins and a set color palette—dark darks with vivid pops of color. I also encouraged thoughtful attachments, but nothing too bling-y or overpowering.

The only direction I gave them was that I wanted dramatic, fun and Halloween-y. 


Supplies: Red and white pumpkins, permanent markers and metallic paint pens, and a limited paint palette.

Artist painting a skeleton hand on a black pumpkin

Sam L. starts with a black pumpkin and a simple, striking icon—a skeletal hand.

Artist painting purple circles on a white pumpkin

Marcos R. is wonderful at mark-making and always does some wildly fun patterns.

Artist writing the word BOO with a Sharpie on a small white pumpkin

Amber G. is the lettering artist behind a lot of our favorite Instagram posts.

Artist adding gold paint-marker embellishments to a black snake painted on a white pumpkin

Felicia K.’s slinky, sinuous snake has a mystical vibe. She was the one who brought the attachments a lot of the artists used.

Artist painting large red flowers on a tall black pumpkin

This one’s mine: a tall black pumpkin I’m covering with flowers in vivid colors. 

Artist writing the word "magic" in script on a black pumpkin

Sam adds some lettering to the back of her skeleton hand.

Artist painting large purple flowers on a tall white pumpkin

Ken S. does these beautiful, whimsical florals. I just asked him to do his thing in our set color palette.

Artist embellishing white painted flowers with gold on a black pumpkin

Lauren H. is great at sweet florals and fine line work.

Artist decorating a small reddish pumpkin with painted flowers and cut-paper flowers and insects

Mirna S. added attachments in really fun and unexpected ways.

Artist adding gold metallic studs to star-shaped doodles on a white pumpkin

Elegant pumpkin designs: Black pumpkin painted with vivid flowers, white pumpkin decorated with abstract purple pattern, small red pumpkin covered in metallic gold doodles

I considered the mix of artists and how the pumpkins would all work together as a collection.

Pro tips: 

If you’re decorating a bunch of different pumpkins that you want to hold together, try limiting your elements—the color palette, materials, iconography. And a fun mix of mark-making, simple patterns, bold icons, and simple, pretty pumpkins make for a fantastically fun grouping. 

Check out these amazing results!

Elegant pumpkin designs: Black pumpkin painted with vivid flowers with gold accents

Elegant pumpkin designs: White pumpkin decorated with abstract purple pattern: circles with gold metallic studs

Elegant pumpkin designs: Small red pumpkin covered in metallic gold doodles, including skull and crossbones

Painted white pumpkins: One with a black and gold snake, the other with purple and black flowers

Painted white pumpkin decorated with a black and gold snake

Painted white pumpkin decorated with purple and black flowers (also shown: small glitter-covered pumpkin)

Three painted pumpkin designs: Doodled BOO, glam hand, abstract garden

Painted white pumpkin: the word BOO is surrounded by metallic doodles

Painted black pumpkin decorated with an embellish skeletal hand—each finger wearing rings, one with a red gemstone (also shown, orange velvet and white/glitter covered pumpkin)

Small reddish pumpkin with painted roses and painted paper attachments—insects and flowers (also shown: small white pumpkin and gold centipede)

Black painted pumpkin covered in white and gold flowers (also shown: small purple and black/white pumpkin)

What I love about his collection of artistically crafted pumpkins is that you still have your slithery snakes, creepy bugs, and eerie bones—all traditional to Halloween. And the pretty florals and sparkly accents make for an unexpected dramatic presentations, while still being playfully festive. If you’re traditional but adventurous, get busy adding carved, candle-lit pumpkins to the mix. After all, Halloween only creeps up once a year. 


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  1. 7.15.18 | Reply
    Heather wrote:

    Where did u find the blank pumpkins??

    • 7.16.18 | Reply
      Tobe R. wrote:

      Hi Heather,

      You can find them at your local craft store seasonally. Have fun! Don’t forget to share your results with us! 😉

  2. 10.1.18 | Reply
    Suzanne wrote:

    What kind of paint did you use? What kind of markers? Thanks!

    • 10.2.18 | Reply
      Kelly C. wrote:

      We used an assortment of paints, but craft paint will work from your local craft store! As for markers, try sharpies and acrylic paint markers.