Easter basket ideas for kids from toddlers to teens

Moms like us are looking for Easter basket ideas that don’t include big loads of sugar. Bonus points for contents that hold a kid’s interest for more than 15 minutes. So we asked a few mothers on our team to put together Easter gifts with minimum candy and maximum fun. 


(From Tobe R.)

Our teenager is always on the go, so my Easter basket ideas were inspired by “things that fit in a backpack.”

I re-purposed a basket we had around the house, dressing it up with a yarn-wrapped handle and a tassel garland with wooden beads. I love that she can remove the tassel garland and hang it in her room!

She loves to draw and sketch, so Hallmark’s Journey On activity journal was a no-brainer—she can dig in between classes or on the bus when she’s traveling for soccer games. She’s always swapping out her phone case, and the floral look of this one is perfect for spring. The gold-dotted bag is fresh, fun and super-versatile: a great size for holding secrets, school supplies, or makeup. And we’re both addicted to nail polish, so I included a few bottles that kept with the color theme. I also included some sweet dangly earrings, a piece of her baby sister’s “abstract” art in a simple gold frame, and just a few chocolate eggs. Because Easter.


(From Amber G.)

After months of cold weather and waaaay too much time indoors, I wanted to create Easter baskets for my kids that celebrated being outside.

The arrival of spring means all kinds of fun things to do—drawing with sidewalk chalk, blowing bubbles, and running with pinwheels. Sandals and sunglasses will give their wardrobes a sunny day update. The velvety bunny and fuzzy chick, greeting cards, and stickers added the Easter touches. And these adorable Hallmark baskets and green filler display it all together in a charming way.

I am all for a few sweet treats on special occasions, but even more so when I can say: “Have some candy—now go play outside!”



(From Tuesday S.)

We’ve learned from our lessons, in years past, that candy in the Easter basket always backfires. We have a little sugar fiend on our hands, so we really try to limit it when we can. My oldest can take down a chocolate bunny faster than anyone you’ve ever seen.

Fortunately, we have a little nature-lover on our hands as well. This year for Easter I stocked her basket full of fun gifts with a garden theme. One of our favorite things to do is hit the nursery in the spring, so this gives her her own little set of gardening tools so she can help alongside me when flower-planting time rolls around. For indoors, I added a Bible story book and framed print, and finished things off with cute stickers and a funny little frog that croaks when you squeeze it.


Of course, you can’t give an empty Easter egg. But there are plenty of other things to fill them with:

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  1. 4.7.17 | Reply
    Linda Evans Davis wrote:

    LOVE the teen girl basket. I may be stealing some of those ideas for my daughter and her last Easter as a teenager. *sniff*

    • 4.7.17 | Reply
      Think.Make.Share wrote:

      Awww love to hear that, Linda. Just remember that she’ll never be too old for an Easter basket! 😉

  2. 4.1.20 | Reply
    Angelina Poke wrote:

    How much are the baskets and do you deliver thank you,

    • 4.8.20 | Reply
      Kelly C. wrote:

      Hi Angelina, sadly these are just idea starters for baskets! We do have some links above to purchase a few of the items in the basket. Hope that helps. -Kelly