Easy and so very sweet: Three dreamy baby gift wrap ideas

Wrapping a present for a baby shower is the gift giver’s perfect challenge: Make the outside as cute as what’s inside. Even better if it’s super, super easy. These dreamy baby gift wrap ideas use Hallmark’s new collection, but they’ll work with just about any design!

Dreamy baby gift wrap ideas: Use design cut-outs to hold the card in place


  • Wrap the gift and sign the card. (We’ve got tips for what to write inside and how to decorate the envelope, too.) Center the card on the gift.
  • Cut 3-4 shapes and illustrations out of a piece of scrap gift wrap.
  • Use a glue stick to attach the shapes to the wrap around the card to hold it in place.

Dreamy baby gift wrap ideas: Layer tissue paper for a rainbow look.


  • Wrap the gift and sign the card. Choose two or more colors tissue paper or wrapping paper that coordinate with the gift. We were going for a rainbow-inspired look, so we picked five colors—including one with a cloud-like scalloped edge.
  • Cut strips of gift wrap long enough to go all the way around your wrapped gift with a little overlap, and about 2/3-3/4 as high the box. Fold them in half lengthwise.
  • Stack the strips so you can see about a half-inch stripe of the folded side of each color. Use a piece of tape at each end to hold them together.
  • Trim the ends in a straight line, just outside the tape. Wrap the layered paper around the gift and tape it on the back.
  • Slide the greeting card between the stacked paper and the gift.
  • Finish it with a sweet little gift attachment like we have, or use a small toy.

Dreamy baby gift wrap ideas: Fan-fold your tissue paper.


  • Stack two sheets of tissue paper in complementary colors, making sure they’re about an inch off-center.
  • Fold them in half, then fan-fold the paper lengthwise.
  • Staple the bottom of the fan, and spread out paper at the top.
  • Drop it in a gift bag!

Dreamy baby gift wrap ideas

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