DIY: Displayable Valentine’s Day heart

Hallmark designer Ashley H. is a DIYer and craft enthusiast who you may remember from her awesome Father’s Day tabletop and DIY back-to-school lunch bags. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, Ashley is sharing a quick and easy displayable heart to create with your little ones.

Displayable Valentine's Day heart |

At my daughter’s first back-to-school night, I thought I was Super Mom and signed up to create all of the crafts for all the holiday parties throughout the year in her classroom. Lesson learned. I am not Super Mom and crafting with kids during a candy-infused class party needs to be quick and easy. Now I only sign up to be the Craft Mom for one holiday party a year. By focusing on one party, I can help the kids create something they will be proud of and their parents will want to keep…for longer than a week.

The first step in making this displayable heart is to gather your supplies.

Displayable Valentine's Day heart |

You will need…


A drill

Wooden heart (found at the craft store in the wood section)

Mod Podge®

Sponge brush


Variety of your favorite Hallmark tissue papers

Hallmark pom poms

Variety of Hallmark ribbons

Displayable Valentine's Day heart |

Begin by cutting strips of tissue paper into 2” x 12” strips. Apply Mod Podge® to the front of the wooden heart with the sponge brush. Gently place the tissue paper strips on the heart. You can overlap and crisscross the strips however your heart desires.

Displayable Valentine's Day heart |

Once the tissue paper is to your liking, apply a layer of Mod Podge® over the tissue paper. The tissue paper might be a bit bumpy, but the heart will still look great.

Trim the tissue paper around the edges of the heart. Once dry, drill a hole in the top of the heart.

Displayable Valentine's Day heart |

Displayable Valentine's Day heart |

Thread a piece of twine through the hole and tie a knot to make a loop (this will be used to hang the heart). Cut the string of the pom poms. Thread one side of the pom pom string through the hole and tie in a knot around the back. Add as many pom poms as you would like using the same method.

Displayable Valentine's Day heart |

Cut strips of ribbons into 12” lengths. Slide a ribbon under a pom pom and tie it in a knot. Add as many ribbons as you like! Trim the ribbons so they’ll hang evenly.

Displayable Valentine's Day heart |

Displayable Valentine's Day heart |

Now your handmade creation is ready to display. This work of “heart” looks great on a door or in a window. All that’s left to do after hanging it is to step back and enjoy the view – and the compliments!

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