DIY Valentine Box

Hallmark Designer Allie S. has some of the sweetest ideas. Today, she’s at it again, sharing a simple DIY Valentine Box idea that includes a free printable. The result is total eye candy—which is handy, since the goal is to fill it with real candy. Read on and learn how to make a Valentine’s Day mailbox of your own.

One of my favorite Valentine’s Day memories from elementary school was decorating my very own shoe box to collect all my cards and candy. This is a project you can create with your kids (or for them) using just a few simple materials.


Shoe box (or size-appropriate cardboard box)
Gift wrap and accessories (ribbons, trim, tags, etc.)
Heavyweight decorative paper (card stock)
Free printable template
Craft knife or awl
Glue gun and hot glue
Double stick tape
Round-head paper fastener

To start, wrap your box like you would a present—except fold the flaps and stick them to the back of the box, rather than the sides.

Then cut the same wrapping paper to line the box, and glue it in place. (An easy way to make it fit: trace the outside of the box on the back of the wrapping paper.)

Measure and cut a piece of the heavyweight paper or card stock to line the short sides and bottom of your box, and stick that in place.

To make the top, measure some of the heavyweight paper to fit the length of the box. Play with it a little to see how tall you want the mailbox to be, then cut it to size. Glue or tape the outside edges of the top to the insides of the box.

The final pieces are the heart and flag shown in the photos; templates are included in the free printable. To attach the flag, poke a small hole in the bottom of the flag and on the side of the mailbox, and attach using the paper fastener.

After that comes the really fun part—add your embellishments! For this mailbox I chose pink pom-pom ribbon for the sides and to edge the flag and the heart. To get little kids involved, have them add stickers and color the Valentine Box.

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  1. 1.7.20 | Reply

    This idea is soo cute! I need to make my kids’ valentine’s boxes one of these years. This idea looks pretty easy to do!

    • 1.7.20 | Reply
      Kelly C. wrote:

      Yes! Also, we have a new valentine’s box post coming up next week…be on the look out!