DIY T-Shirt Crafts

Lindsay T. is one of those Jill-of-all-trades contributors around here. She crafts, she travels, she tours and she hangs out with Sarah Jessica Parker. But mostly, she handles a lot of the behind-the-scenes here on the blog (and on Instagram, holler!) Today, she’s sharing some simple yet smart ways to deal with those mounds of high-school t-shirts.

It’s graduation season. I don’t know about you, but high school left me with drawers and drawers full of “Beat the Buffalos!” and “MHS StuCo” t-shirts. I swore I would do something with them someday. But, needless to say, they’re still packed away in my childhood closet. So, when the creative folks over at Hallmark Ideas came out with a series of T-Shirt crafts, I was over the moon. So much so that I had to share them in hopes that they help save a few favorite tees from the closet graveyard.

Here’s how to create cool wall art from any t-shirt. Just cut, stretch and staple your t-shirt onto a canvas. You can use this DIY craft to send a piece of home off to college with a recent grad. Download the step-by-step instructions. Or watch this handy-dandy video:

What about a gift that won’t take up much space in a packed dorm room? (And that might actually get used once in a while?) You can make this handy tote from one of those zillion T-shirts you (or your grad) brought home in high school—or even from a new shirt bearing the logo of the college he or she will soon be attending. Download the step-by-step instructions for this handy T-shirt tote bag. Or watch as Nicole C. walks you through the simple steps:

Happy Crafting! If you DIY it up, be sure to share with @think.make.share.


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