DIY teacher gift: Personalized zine with flowers

For Teacher Appreciation Day, Hallmark Lettering Artist Amber G. came up with the cutest DIY teacher gift: A zine-style note with spaces for your kiddo to personalize a message. Send it along with a little flower arrangement for a sweet “thank you.” Here’s how to put your own together.


DIY teacher gift idea: personalized zine shown with a flower arrangement in a jelly jar.

How to make a Personalized Zine



  • 8.5×11 paper
  • Free downloadable PDF
  • Color printer
  • Craft knife
  • Metal ruler
  • Cutting mat
  • Scissors
  • Stapler (optional)

Free downloadable teacher appreciation zine plus supplies: cutting board, metal ruler, craft knife.


How to make your DIY teacher gift

  1. Print the free downloadable zine on 8.5×11 paper.
  2. Line the ruler up on the crop marks in each corner of the drawing, and use the craft knife to trim the border off the top, bottom, and sides of the design.

Folding DIY teacher appreciation zine in half horizontally. Then unfolding and folding in half vertically, and folding outside edges in to meet center crease.

3. Fold the paper in half horizontally with the design facing out.

4. Unfold it.

5. Fold it in half vertically with the design facing out.

6. Fold the left edge of the paper in to line up with the center crease.

7. Repeat with the right edge.

Using ruler and craft knife to cut center panels of DIY teacher appreciation zine along horizontal crease.

8. Unfold paper and lay flat on your cutting board with the design facing up.

9. Line the ruler up on the horizontal fold, and cut along the crease between the two center panels.

Final steps for folding DIY teacher appreciation zine.

DIY teacher appreciation zine with space to write teacher's name.

10. Fold the paper in half horizontally.

11. Push the two ends together so the center panels form “pages.”

12. Fold the center panels to the right, then fold the left side to the back. (“For a great teacher” should be on the front, with “Happy Teacher Appreciation Day” on the back.)

13. Staple if desired.

Now it’s time for your child to fill in the blanks—either alone or with your help. Part of the fun is getting to hear what little ones like best about their teacher!

What are your go-to teacher appreciation gifts? If you are a teacher, what would you love to receive from your students? Share your ideas with us on Facebook or tag us on Instagram @think.make.share.






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  1. 4.26.17 | Reply
    Tina wrote:

    This is beautiful! I was just thinking about what to do for my son’s teacher. This is it! Thank you!

  2. 5.5.17 | Reply
    Kristen wrote:

    We had so much fun working on these over breakfast this morning! My girls are so excited to give them to their teachers. Thank you!

    • 5.5.17 | Reply
      Think.Make.Share wrote:

      Love to hear that, Kristen! Thanks for sharing!