Make green look good with DIY St. Patrick’s Day jewelry

Even if we’ve passed the age where pinching is appropriate behavior, it’s just wrong to go without green on St. Patrick’s Day. These adorable earrings and necklace only take a few minutes to make, and add the perfect touch o’ spring to your outfit.



2 green tassels (local craft store or here)

2 kidney-shaped earwires (local craft store or here)

2 metal teardrop blanks (local craft store or here)

Open the earwire. Thread the metal teardrop first, then the tassel. Repeat on the other earwire.

That’s it. You’re done. Seriously, the easiest jewelry DIY ever—and the cutest! Wear them proudly.




Suede cord (local craft store or here)

16 inch (or longer) chain necklace (local craft store or here)

1 15mm heavy gauge jump ring (local craft store or here)

2 6mm jump rings (local craft store or here)

Needle-nose pliers


Decide how long you want your tassel to be. Double that—since you’ll be folding the cord in half—and cut three equal pieces.

Fold the cords in half. Put the folded side through the large jump ring, then pull the loose ends through the folded loop.

Pull the individual ends of the cord to tighten the knot around the jump ring. Trim the cords so they’re all the same length.

Hold the clasp in one hand and fold the necklace chain in half to find the middle. Use the pliers to clip the middle ring opposite the clasp, cutting it in half.

Grab your tassel and the 6mm jump rings.

Use the pliers to open one 6mm jump ring and thread it through one side of the necklace chain. Then add the large jump ring with the tassel. Close the 6mm jump ring with the pliers. Repeat on the other side of the necklace.

And now you’re safe from pinching. Bonus: Wear it all year long, because you’re sporting the color of the year. Right on trend.

Photographer: Ty Hester


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