Make DIY paper poinsettia gifts and wreaths and more

Poinsettias are bold and lovely and just the sight of them means it’s the Christmas season. So we asked Hallmark Signature designers Jen K. and Ellie K. to put their crepe paper flower making skills to work on this holiday favorite. They made a template and demonstrated all the different things you can do with a DIY paper poinsettia, from bouquets to wreaths to the sweetest tiny gift attachments. All the colors, all the sizes—you really have to try these. 

DIY paper poinsettia bouquet

Making crepe paper poinsettias

Making a DIY paper poinsettia

Snipping a DIY paper poinsettia into shape

Wrapping a DIY paper poinsettia

Making DIY crepe paper flowers for holiday decorations

Creating crepe paper flowers

Preparing petals for a DIY paper poinsettia


  • Crepe paper (in traditional and totally made-up poinsettia colors)
  • Floral tape
  • Floral wire (20 gauge, cut to about 6 inches)
  • Stamen pips
  • Cotton balls
  • Scissors
  • Poinsettia template (free download)

Optional supplies

  • Brass rings in different sizes (like these)
  • Gold floral tape and wire
  • Acrylic or gouache paint (and brushes, paint tray)
  • Paint pens
  • Glitter
  • Washi tape
  • Decorative papers
  • Hot glue gun
  • Wire cutters
  • Needle nose pliers

Find supplies at your crafts store (or one of these).

A DIY crepe paper flower


Preparing the parts of your crepe paper flower

Start by cutting out petals, fringe, and leaves using this free downloadable template. Freestyle your own designs, too: Your flowers, your fantasy.

Supplies for a DIY paper poinsettia wreath or gift tag

Cutting crepe paper poinsettia petals

Building your crepe paper poinsettia

Follow the steps on our crepe paper flower post—all the basic instructions are the same. The beauty of the DIY poinsettia is that your flowers can be as realistic, simple, or blinged-out as you want.

Wrapping petals on a crepe paper poinsettia

DIY paper poinsettia

Keep adding petals until you’re happy with the volume. (OK, so technically the red parts of poinsettias are leaves and the yellow bits in the middle are the flowers and here ends our knowledge of poinsettia anatomy.)

DIY paper poinsettia

DIY paper poinsettia

DIY paper poinsettia in a brass vase

You can add fringe in the center or not. Keep the petals the same colors—or indulge your imagination.

Purple DIY paper poinsettia in a glass vase

Crepe paper flowers

Actual poinsettias are just a jumping off point, really.

Wrapping teal fringe around a brass ring

Making paper poinsettia wreaths

This is where we get even more excited, you guys. As part of Jen and Ellie’s workshop, they added their paper flowers to brass rings. The larger rings became beautiful, delicate wreaths. The smaller ones—and some were seriously tiny—are perfect gift toppers.

Making a wreath with crepe paper flowers

For even more inspiration, check out our post on modern, asymmetrical wreaths.

DIY crepe paper poinsettia wreath

If you want to paint or draw on your petals, the time to do it is before you start adding them to the flower. Create your design and give it time to dry.

DIY paper poinsettia wreath

Wrapping a brass ring in tape or paper adds even more dimension.

DIY crepe paper flower wreath

DIY paper poinsettia wreath

DIY paper poinsettia wreath

DIY paper poinsettia wreath

We just love the look of these.

DIY paper poinsettia wreath

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Photography by Pat Bush.


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