DIY paper plant bags: Turn pretty plants into perfect gifts

It goes without saying that plants make perfect gifts (and yet there, we said it). But they don’t always come with the perfect presentable pot—so that means rounding up some craft supplies and DIYing some paper plant bags. They’re easy. They’re quick. They use stuff you probably have on hand. And they make any plant look fancy enough for giving. 

Three house plants placed in DIY Paper Plant Bags |

A succulent in a DIY Paper Plant Bag painted pink |

How to make paper plant bags

What you’ll need

  • Paper lunch sacks (we used white ones, but the brown ones work, too)
  • Potted plants (find some that fit in the sacks you’ve got)
  • Ribbon or twine
  • Gift tags
  • Acrylic paint (you pick the colors)
  • Paintbrush
  • Scissors
  • Newspaper, butcher paper, or plates to squeeze the paint onto

Supplies for DIY Paper Plant Bags |

Paint the paper plant bags

Squeeze out a little paint and grab a lunch sack.

Get a little paint on your brush. We went for an almost-dry-brush look—applying paint in long vertical strokes, then crossing with horizontal strokes—to get a bit of a pattern.

Painting gold acrylic on a white lunch sack for the DIY Paper Plant Bags |

Once the paint is dry, flip the plant bag over and paint the other side.

Pro tips

  • Making multiple paper plant bags? Save time by lining them up and painting one side of each. Then go back to the first one—it might be almost dry by the time you’re done.
  • Want a fancier look? Use metallic or high-gloss paint.

Folding down the top of a paper plant bag |

Roll the tops down

Once both sides of the paper plant bag are completely dry, open it and stand it up.

Gently working your way around the bag, roll the top down to create an unpainted rim.

Don’t forget to check it against the height of your potted plant—roll it down just enough to completely cover the pot.

Pro tip

To avoid tearing the paper plant bags as you roll, massage the paper as you go to soften it and break up the paint. You don’t want to crinkle the bag intentionally, but if it naturally wrinkles that’s okay. It will give the bag a little more character and dimension.

Succulents in DIY Paper Plant Bags |

Once the bag is ready, add the plant.

Using twine to attach a gift tag to a DIY Paper Plant Bag |

Add gift tags

Cut a piece of ribbon or twine long enough to tie around the bag, a little longer if you want a bow.

Label or decorate your gift tags. You can write a name, initials, a quote, draw a symbol—anything that adds a personal touch.

Tie the tag around the paper plant bag—done!

Pro tip

A few ideas to add to the back of the gift tag:

  • The plant name (scientific, common, or the one you’ve given it)
  • Care instructions
  • The date of your special event
  • Whether or not the plant is safe for pets

Three plants in the DIY Paper Plant Bags |

Want more ideas for turning plants into gifts? Check out our canvas plant wraps—and the adorable mini versions. Or try the easiest macrame plant hanger.


That’s it. Simple, elegant, and inexpensive. The best outfit a plant can wear! If you make your own DIY paper plant bag, we’d love to see it! Share on Instagram and tag @think.make.share.


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    So cute! I think they’d be darling with washcloths in them. Or put several up on a shelf in the bathroom.

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