DIY: Hanging Origami Owl Cloche

Whooo’s feeling crafty? Hallmark Designer Ai C. created the most amazing hanging origami owl using the simplest of supplies—paper. Display it in a cloche to create a perfectly spooky Halloween scene. Ai was nice enough to provide a free printable template, too—so don’t get your feathers ruffled. (Too much wordplay? No such thing at Halloween!)

DIY Hanging Origami Owl Cloche |

Here’s now to make your very own hanging owl origami:


1. Print the template.

2. Cut away most of the excess paper around the owl design, and staple the remaining margin to black card stock. (This is to prevent the template from moving while cutting the design out.)

3. Using a sharp X-Acto knife and a cutting mat, cut into the owl design starting from the middle section (like the beak and the feathers on the stomach).

4. The dotted lines indicate fold lines. Use a bone folder or an object with a sharp tip to crease the fold lines so they’ll be easy to fold. Use a hole punch to punch out the eyes.

5. Cut out the outline of the owl shape, along with the headband and glue area. Crease the fold lines. The beak, breast feathers, and feathers around the eyes, feet and wings fold forward. Bend the headband around the back and attach it to the back left side of the owl’s head (see below).

6. Add any details you want with gold pen.

Now to make a hanging moon for the owl to perch on!


1. Cut out the moon from the template. (We added glitter to our moon for some sparkle.)

2. Add a small hole at the top of the moon and string fishing line through it. Create a loop for the moon to hang down from a suction hook inside the top of the cloche.

DIY Hanging Origami Owl Cloche |

3. Attach the owl to the moon with a small wire and tape on the back side.

DIY Hanging Origami Owl Cloche |

Lastly, create some scenery to complete the picture.


1. Print the template on a sheet of 11X17 paper.

2. You will need a piece of black paper around 28X9. Fold it in half.

3. Line up the fold with the straight edge of the scenery template.

4. Tape the template in place and cut through both layers of the black paper.

5. Cut the tree from black paper separately.

6. Glue the tree in place. Then form a circle with the cut out scenery and glue the overlapping ends.

7. Use double stick tape or a light mist of spray adhesive to hold it in place inside the cloche.

Done! Whooo knew you could be so crafty? Find a pretty spot in your home to place your hanging origami owl cloche and wait for the compliments to fly in. (See what we did there?)

Need a cloche for this fantastic craft? Find one online here or at your local Hallmark store. We would love to see your cloche display, so be sure to tag us on Facebook or Instagram @think.make.share. Want more Halloween crafts from Hallmark artists? Find them here!


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