DIY, hand-painted Easter egg ideas from Hallmark artists

Today Kellie Bloxsom-Rys, a designer on the Easter greeting card team, shares an egg-cellent DIY craft project that everyone in the whole family can get excited about…hand-painting Easter eggs! Kellie rounded up several talented artists to bring some simple wooden eggs to life.

Hallmark artists decorate Easter eggsFor this project, we used wooden eggs bought from a local craft store. I gathered about eight of my crafty friends and gave them an assortment of materials to work with, including acrylic, paint, painter’s tape, markers, spray paint, wood stain, Hallmark tissue paper and Mod Podge. It was a lot of fun to see the range of unique solutions!

Hallmark artists decorate Easter eggsHallmark artists decorate Easter eggsHallmark artists decorate Easter eggsThis project was very low-stress; eggs were finished in under an hour with minimal cleanup. This is a great spin on the traditional egg-dyeing process because the wooden eggs can be kept for future Easter décor. I love the idea of buying them in bulk and doing this craft year after year!

Hallmark artists decorate Easter eggsHallmark artists decorate Easter eggsHallmark artists decorate Easter eggs



DECORATE-wooden Easter eggs with Hallmark artists

Step 1. Use a dark water-based wood stain and apply one layer on the wooden eggs. (It doesn’t take much. I bought the smallest can from a local hardware store.) Let the eggs dry for a couple hours. I recommend wearing rubber gloves when applying the stain and letting the eggs dry in an old cardboard box.

Step 2. Select a few colors for a simple palette. Use painter’s tape to mask off sections you want to paint a solid color. The tape gets a little tricky when going around the egg so you will have to overlap it a little. (Tip: I liked the eggs with around 50 percent of the wood stain showing through best; it added a nice richness to the palette.)

Step 3. Allow the paint to dry for 10 minutes. Repeat the taping process if you want to overlap the existing paint colors.

Step 4. using a small paintbrush, add stripes, dots, crosses and dashes around the egg. I used a gold sharpie to draw the final line work on top of the paint, which gave it a nice little shimmer, too.

Photography by Lindsey Mehlhorn.



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