Kid-friendly DIY Easter Canvas Tote

Baskets are great for egg hunts and all, but not as practical once Easter is over. This DIY Easter canvas tote, on the other hand, transitions easily from carrying gathered goodies to toting books, homework, favorite toys, or anything else your favorite kid-on-the-go likes to keep handy. And it’s a fun craft for moms and kiddos to do together.

Our free printable template gives little artists a project that’s right in line with their attention spans.


Canvas tote (local craft store or here)

DIY Easter tote printable

Iron-on transfer paper

Inkjet printer

Crayola crayons (we used the colors Melon, Blue Green, Red Orange and Yellow Green)

Pom-pom (make your own or check here)



Hot glue gun

Print your DIY Easter tote printable on iron-on transfer paper through an inkjet printer. Let your child color in the bunny. They can use our paint-by-numbers key and some Crayola Crayons, or choose your their colors—we’re certainly not going to get in the way of a young artist’s vision.

Once the bunny is colored in, cut it out along the outside line.

Place the bunny, colored side down, in the center of the tote. Iron using the setting specified in your transfer paper instructions. It takes some pressure on the iron to get the colors to transfer to the tote—so press hard, and take your time. Test it by carefully peeling back an edge to see if the colors are adhering to the tote. When it looks like your colors are transferred completely, slowly pull the paper all the way off.

So cute, right?

Take it up one more cuteness notch by adding a pom-pom tail. Just cut any long strings off the pom-pom and hot glue it to the tote. Easy-peasy.

Now it’s time for your kiddo to fill up their Easter canvas tote with all the eggs! Happy Easter!



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  1. 3.31.17 | Reply
    Frances gibbons wrote:

    Very neat idea, should think of doing this for all holidays, such as Halloween, Christmas , thanksgiving and maybe one for summer fun, & birthdays. I will try this with my grandchildren. Thanks for idea.

  2. 3.31.17 | Reply

    How can I order the pattern for the iron canvas tote bag, & what’s the price for the kit?
    Thank You

    • 4.3.17 | Reply
      Think.Make.Share wrote:

      It’s your lucky day, Linda. The pattern is free! There is a link in the post above that will take you to the PDF. You get to find a bag that suits your needs (we recommend a local craft store). Happy creating!