DIY cake toppers for weddings, showers, and fancy birthdays

Sometimes a cake needs to be just a little bit more fancy. And those are the moments you need these DIY cake toppers. Whether you’re baking and decorating your own (like this), picking something yummy up from your favorite local bakery, or dressing up a simple grocery store cake, the right topper says, “Today is special. You are special. And we have the cake to prove it.”

DIY cake toppers: Crepe paper flowers

Crepe paper flowers

Fun fact: Cake toppers don’t necessarily have to go on top. On the side of the platter is just as pretty.

These hand-crafted crepe paper flowers might be our favorite DIY cake toppers. They’re so easy to make with just a few basic supplies.

And we just adore how versatile these delicate blooms can be:

  • Match the crepe paper to your color scheme—whether it’s lovely and natural or a floral fantasy.
  • Make a floral crown for the bride, mother-to-be, or birthday lady.
  • Create bouquets or pins for bridesmaids.
  • Drape garlands in doorways and over windows.
  • Fill vases for centerpieces.
  • Add a blossom or two to jars or tea-cups as party favors.
  • Plus up your gift wrap.

Pink birthday candles on a gold, yellow, and pink ombre-frosted cake

Timeless birthday candles

With the right frosting, you can keep the cake topper simple and elegant. Coordinate this simple but stunning ombré technique with taller-and-thinner-than-usual candles. And don’t feel like you need a candle for every year—each decade will be just fine, thank you.

Berries and flowers top a "naked" cake

Fruit, flowers, and barely there frosting

For the minimalist, a naked cake with natural toppers seems just right. Scatter berries and a few hand-picked flowers over the top and let them spill onto the platter. Or look for pretty seasonal fruits, like figs or cherries. Herbs like lavender or mint can sub in for flowers, too.

DIY cake toppers: Naked cake with gold accents decorated with tassel garland topper

Mini tassel garland

Tassels are festive and on-trend—so why not top a cake with some? (OK, also in a tight race for fave DIY cake toppers.)

This tiny garland shown above could not be easier to make: All you need is a few tassels (look for little ones with jump rings), some gold cord, and a couple of skewers.

And because you can never have enough tassels:

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