DIY cake painting for Mother’s Day

Since we can probably all agree that dessert is a universally appreciated gift idea, we decided that Monday’s strawberry pie just wasn’t enough. You’d be surprised how easy it is to treat Mom to a hand-painted cake this Mother’s Day! All you need is a plain white fondant-covered cake, edible cake paints (we chose Wilton brand), and some great inspiration (which we are happy to provide right here!).

Decorated Cakes from Hallmark Artists | Think.Make.Share

To make it look like you’re a master cake decorator, consider the following tips:

  1. Fondant is much easier to paint than buttercream frosting. If you don’t have experience with fondant, put in a call to your local grocery store. They can get your base ready, so all you have to do is focus on the fun.
  2. Mix your gel paints with vodka to thin them and prevent clumping and streaking. The alcohol will evaporate in no time and helps to keep the fondant firm as you do your work.
  3. Be sure to use soft brushes that are either new or reserved only for paints of the edible variety.
  4. If you’re uncomfortable with a detailed design, go with a simple, classic pattern like polka dots or stripes. Plus signs and varied brush strokes are quite trendy right now as well. Pinterest is full of pattern inspiration!
  5. For an intricate design or lettered message, consider tracing a light outline with a food coloring marker first.
  6. Plan ahead and paint the lightest colors first (this is where your outline comes in handy). Mix plenty of each color in the beginning so you’re not forced to match them later.
  7. Don’t forget the final presentation! Find a beautiful cake stand in a style Mom loves that can be used again and again.

Decorated Cakes from Hallmark Artists | Think.Make.Share

As for the final products from our afternoon of cake painting exploration…

Decorated Cakes from Hallmark Artists | Think.Make.ShareDecorated Cakes from Hallmark artists | Think.Make.Share blogDecorated Cake from Hallmark Artists | Think.Make.Share blogDecorated Cake from Hallmark Artists | Think.Make.Share blogDecorated Cake from Hallmark Artists | Think.Make.Share blog

Cakes (in order of appearance) decorated by Hallmark artists Amber Goodvin, Mirna Stubbs, Amy Kligman, Samantha Lewis and Ashley Westhoff. Big thanks to Ashley Westhoff and Bernard Shondell for flawlessly prepping the cakes for this post. Final cake photography by Kevin Hosley.


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  1. 5.1.15 | Reply
    Nafessa Williams wrote:

    Maria Bello’s “Whatever…Love is Love” is the perfect Mother’s Day gift!

  2. 8.18.15 | Reply
    Artibonita wrote:

    These are so lovely! BTW, can you tell us what font you’ve used in the first pic (painting decorating cakes for Mother’s day)?