Digital wallpapers for a motivated March

March is when we all need a little inspiration. And the first Monday in March? Yep, pass the pick-me-ups this way, please. We’ve gotta get through the last wintery weeks before Spring comes back and makes everything OK again.

(If you live in one of those places where the sun is constantly shining, and it’s always 75, well, you’ll just have to work a little harder to come up with a reason you need to be motivated. Maybe the monotony of perfect weather? We can’t help you there.)

Today, we’re serving up three brand new digital wallpapers to keep you going, feeling good and getting-it-done this month. They are fresh from the mouths of our wise writers and the pens of our lovely lettering artists. Download ’em and hold on for the sunshine, friends!

MARCH_WALLPAPER-HERE-GOES-NOTHING-_-thinkmakeshareblogDrew Wagner writing lettered by Amber Goodvin

MARCH_WALLPAPER-TODAY-IS-YOURS-_thinkmakeshareblogAndrew Blackburn writing lettered by Lynn Giunta

MARCH_WALLPAPER-NEVER-SAY-NOPE-_-thinkmakeshareblogKeion Jackson writing lettered by Sarah Cole

Download “Here goes nothing” HERE.

Download “Do anything” HERE.

Download “Never say nope” HERE.



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