Back to school with decorated paper lunch bags

Want a creative way to show your kid how special they are? Send them back to school with a decorated paper lunch bag. We’ll get you started with some bright, easy designs using cut paper and some markers. (No reason you couldn’t make these for yourself, too.)

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This is one of those “use what you have handy” DIYs. Here’s what we used…

  • Rainbow treat bags
  • Construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Markers
  • Acrylic paint or paint markers
  • Paint brush
  • Paint palette

Lunch Sacks Inspiration |

Raid your craft stash for paper and paint or markers. Go bold with your color combos—”adorable” is more important than “photo-realistic.’ For our decorated paper lunch bags, we chose a highly appropriate theme: Our Favorite Snacks.

Lunch Sacks Inspiration |

Sketch out your food on the construction paper. Best advice: Keep it simple.

We made this cute pretzel bag with a light pink paper on the hot magenta bag.

Stick everything down with a glue stick.

Pro tip

Use a a craft knife to cut the centers out of the pretzels, or gently fold the paper and snip it out with pointy scissors.

Lunch Sacks Inspiration |

Don’t have construction paper in all the colors you want? No big. We used the same pink paper for the watermelon center, but switched to paint for the rind and marker for the seeds.

Lunch Sacks Inspiration |

The bananas couldn’t be easier. Freehand the shapes, cut through a few layers of paper, and add details with markers.

Lunch Sacks Inspiration |

Want more ideas?

Just add food! And yes indeed, we would love to see how you decorate yours. Take pics and tag us on Instagram @think.make.share



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