Dad Testimonials: Hallmarkers tell us why they love their pops

Every dad is different and has a special way of showing his kids the love. In honor of Father’s Day, three Hallmarkers are giving us their dad testimonials—why their papas are the Very Best. 

Fathers Day tribute | true class |

My dad eats baked beans straight from the can. He asks for ketchup at fancy restaurants. He is also the classiest guy I know.

I’ve been in the car when he stops to help a frazzled driver get back on the road. I’ve been at the table when he secretly picks up the check for a family we just met at some small-town café. I’ve been right behind him when he insists on shoveling one more neighbor’s sidewalk. He never says much about it. He doesn’t need to.

My dad’s acts of kindness are not random. They are frequent and faithful. Where there are roofs to shingle, wheelchair ramps to build, projects to lead or farm animals to feed—there he is. His example has taught me everything I know about noticing people’s needs and doing my best to help. Thanks to him, I’ve learned that true class comes from the heart…and that cold beans are actually pretty tasty.     – Megan Haave, Hallmark writer 

Fathers Day tribute | pieces of me |

Hi, Dad. Don’t worry. The car is fine, and I don’t need help with my 401k. I want to talk about dots. Or rather, bullet points. I think we understand each other in bullet points.


  • Daughter
  • Writer
  • Smart
  • Stubborn
  • Likes to be liked


  • Dad
  • Architect
  • Smart
  • Stubborn
  • Wants family to feel loved

You also like cars, which sounds like something I picked from a list of Stereotypic Things Dads Like, but the toy model version of your old ’99 Honda Civic currently on your desk would beg to differ.

I remember sitting shotgun in that car you would, years later, graciously give to me. (The actual car, not the model one.) You were probably tapping the steering wheel along with the music. I was probably wondering how I’d made it to age 17 without knowing you liked Barbara Streisand. I don’t remember where we were going or the conversation leading up to it. But I remember a question you asked me:

“Did we do okay?”

As in, as parents, had you and Mom had done okay.

Sometimes it’s hard to see you, Dad. Physically, obviously, because I live three states away. But also in the way a child often only sees their dad as Dad, forgetting that “parent” is just one part of a whole person.

I think that was the first time I remember seeing you. Not Dad, comprised of a bullet-pointed list of accomplishments and interests that I loved and appreciated, but really only understood in the same way someone understands an incomplete connect-the-dots. But a person who is smart and uncertain, strong and vulnerable. A person who is many things, including my dad.

Occasionally, my dots may connect to show a river where you thought there’d be a road. And just as often, you’ll remind me of a point I’d forgotten I had. Thank you for helping me see the pieces of myself you could fill in long before I could.

And, Papa, you did great.

– Mia Mercado, Hallmark editor 

Father's Day tribute from Hallmark Trends Director Jen Walker |

I wouldn’t say that I had the closest relationship with my father when I was younger. My dad was very strict, set in his ways, and didn’t always appreciate my “creative” ways of getting things done. I struggled with making a connection with him, and I often would wonder if we’d ever be close.

It wasn’t until my mother got sick when I was 9 that I saw a completely different side to my dad. My mom was sick for nine years, and he stood by her side through everything. He became her caretaker and cheerleader. He loved my mother, and he never lost hope.

From the day my mom passed, and probably long before, my dad has been my biggest champion in life. He helped make my dreams come true by supporting my choice to go to art college and be a designer. He moved me halfway across the country when I got my first job at Hallmark and even helped me pick out all my decorations for my new apartment. He stood by my side when I went through a couple bad breakups.

My mom told me on a couple occasions that if I married half the man my father is, I’d be very lucky in life. My mom was right. Because of the example my dad set, I  married a wonderful man who is the best husband and father. My dad is pretty fond of him too. My dad planned every aspect of my wedding with me and really got into the details. He was there for me when both of my children where born, and he has been there for me every time I just wanted him to talk.

My dad was and is my first hero—not just because he’s strong and brave but because he stayed and set the best example of what a daddy should be.

– Jen Walker, Hallmark Trends Studio Director

Lettering by Amber Goodvin, Sarah Cole, Livy Long. (In order of appearance.)

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