Dad Craft: Ojos de Dios

Colin Walsh is a talented Hallmark designer and illustrator in the Trends Studio who also happens to be a new dad. When he found out one of his favorite childhood crafts was historically created by fathers, he rounded up a few other Hallmark dads for a meaningful maker session.

DIY Ojos De Dios craft |

I remember making Ojos de Dios (Eyes of God) as a kid in camp. They were simple, cool-looking and fun to make. They also have a pretty cool history: The creation of Ojo de Dios goes way back to the 1500s, typically made by the indigenous people of America. Traditionally, it was the father who made Ojos de Dios. When a child was born, the father would add a new eye each year until the child was five. Being a new dad myself, I wanted to have a “Dad’s Workshop” and create our own Ojos de Dios for our little ones.

DIY Ojo de Dios craft | thinkmakeshareblog

HOW TO make your ojos de dios:

  1. Place the sticks together at right angles to form an “X”
  2. Tie one end of the woolen yarn around the meeting point of the sticks to hold them together
  3. Wrap the woolen yarn over and around one of the sticks, then continue to the next one. (Make sure you wrap all the yarn in the same direction and keep pushing the yarn towards the center, so you get a fuller “eye.”)
  4. Continue until the sticks are just about full, then tie off the ends of the yarn and tuck them behind.
  5. Add pom poms to the ends of the sticks. (See how to make a pom pom below.)

how to make Yarn Pom Poms

DIY Yarn Pom Pom |

  1. Wrap yarn around the fork’s prongs
  2. Tie a knot around the wraps of yarn.
  3. Slide the yarn off of the fork.
  4. Cut all of the loops on both sides of the knot.
  5. Roll the pom pom in your palm to make it fluffy.

Photographs by Jane Kortright.

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