Making what you love: when your own cute critters inspire a Hallmark Baby collection

What is it about kids and critters? Little kids and little animals just seem to go together. Her children’s love for their pets and the creatures they find crawling and flying in the backyard inspired the Cute Critters collection Amber G. illustrated for Hallmark Baby. “Amber is a beautiful person inside and out,” Hallmark Baby Creative Director Marie G. tells us. “She exudes positivity and this bright and cheerful collection is a reflection of that personality and we couldn’t love it (or Amber) more. She is also a young mom and knows what other young moms will respond to. Something fun and unique and modern but that is still super sweet.”

Hallmark Artist Amber G. creates cut-paper illustrations for the Hallmark Baby Cute Critter collection

We have two dogs and a neighbor kitty named Freddy that’s always around. When I was making the collection, I was watching for what my kids were drawn to. Their favorite thing to do is be outside, playing with our dogs and the neighbor cat, finding leaves and bugs on nature walks. My daughter’s love of bright color was also an influence.

Girl decked out in Cute Critters from Hallmark Baby

I have two kids: Walt is six and Greta’s two. Greta is dramatic and she’s very curious and warm. And Walt is more silly and loves to kind of be by himself and read.

Hallmark Baby Cute Critters collection

My daughter is very taken with butterflies—there are butterflies all over her room. She loves to collect buckets full of rocks, leaves, bugs.

Girl wearing Hallmark Baby Butterfly Backpack

My favorite thing in the collection is the butterfly backpack. Greta loves purses and backpacks, anything to tote around her treasures. She has already had a lot of fun filling it up.

Hallmark Artist Amber G measures daughter. Hallmark Baby Cute Critters collection

Greta is obsessed with what everyone’s favorite color is. You cannot change it, and you cannot have the same favorite color as anyone else. You can’t change your mind, and you can’t deviate. Color is a big part of your identity when you’re a kid—you’re asked about your favorite color a lot.

Mom and daughter modeling the Hallmark Baby Cute Critters collection

It is so fun to see the artwork come to life. I love the bright color, and the materials are so soft. 

Girl wearing Hallmark Baby Bright Bugs sundress

Being a mom can be so tiring, but my creative energy has actually grown since I had my kids. They help me see through their eyes.

Hallmark Artist Amber G. creates cut-paper illustrations for the Hallmark Baby Cute Critter collection

Photography by Kyndall D. and Jane K.


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