Free digital wallpapers from cut paper artist Lynn Giunta

Lynn Giunta is a master artist and a mentor to many here at Hallmark. Today she’s on Think.Make.Share to share her cut-paper secrets…and some free downloads for y’all.  

When I’m asked why I like to create with cut paper, the easy answer is because I’m not very good at painting! But the truth is that it’s just plain fun. When I sit down with my scissors and an array of colored papers, I remember what it was like to be a kid creating crafts around the kitchen table.  My crafty upbringing is still the basis for what I do. I almost feel like all these amazing shapes are already in the paper, waiting to be cut out. And there’s a kind of magic that happens when the negative shapes that fall away end up looking way more interesting than what I was cutting out. I constantly paw through my scrap pile to look for pieces to use. For these three free digital wallpapers, I gave myself a challenge:

1) Do only one with words (I’m a lettering artist, so I try to put words on everything).

2) Do one that was strictly a surface design using a lot of negative and positive spaces.

3) And then do one with recognizable icons; flowers and leafy things seemed right for the season.

I hope that these three wallpapers bring you some happiness and inspire you to play, have fun, and dream big.

Free Downloadable Wallpapers |

Free Downloadable Wallpapers |
Free Downloadable Wallpapers |

Download Dream Big HERE.

Download Negative/Positive HERE

Download Leafy Things HERE

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