Party like a kid again! Retro party decorations with a modern vibe

Missing those days when all you had to worry about was which crayon to use? We’ve pulled together our favorite Crayola® supplies to make retro party decorations that will take you back to a simpler time of bright colors, geometric shapes, and questionable hair choices. Grab your favorite colors and do the same—it’ll be radical.

Retro party decorations—dinner table


First, grab four of your favorite Crayola colors. We went with Golden Yellow™, Pink Flamingo™, Purple Mountains’ Majesty™ and Aqua Green™.


Crayola® Spin Art Maker and supplies

Using Crayola® Spin Art to make party hats


  • Following the instructions on your Spin Art Maker, decorate a paper disk for every party guest. Instead of the colors included with the Spin Art Maker, we chose four colors from the Crayola® Signature Acrylic Paint Set and diluted them to make our hats.
  • When the paint is completely dry, use the ruler and a pencil to draw a wedge on the back of the paper disk. The wider the wedge, the flatter the hat. Our wedge is about one-third of the disk. (A thin wedge will give you a comically narrow hat.)
  • Cut out the wedge then glue, tape, or staple the straight edges together.
  • Cut a piece of elastic long enough to hold the tiny hat on the average guest’s head. Tie a knot in each end, and tape or staple each end to the inside of either side of the hat.
  • Glue a pom-pom to the top of the cone.

Spin Art party hats

DIY crayon party favor box and Crayola® crayons and markers


  • Print the free printable crayon favor box download on white cardstock for each party guest.
  • Color the box however you’d like.
  • Cut out the box using scissors or a craft knife. Don’t forget the little window.
  • Fold the paper along all of the solid lines.
  • Tape or glue the long skinny edge on the right over the long skinny edge on the left.
  • Fold the bottom of the box in to close it.
  • Add four Crayola® crayons.
  • Close the box.

Crayola® crayons and DIY party favor box

Retro cake and cupcake toppers


  • Print the free printable cake topper download on white cardstock.
  • Color the toppers however you’d like. Get silly.
  • Cut the toppers out.
  • Tape a toothpick or skewer to the back of each topper.
  • Poke them in cakes and cupcakes.

Retro cake toppers on a drip cake

For the crazy gorgeous drip cakes, we followed these directions and covered the tops in black and white jimmies.

Retro cake toppers on a drip cake

This is not a time to go all minimalist with those cake toppers. After all, your inner child would want this.

Retro party place setting

To get the dip-dye look on our plasticware, we covered the tops, taped them off, and spray-painted the handles.

Retro party decorations with balloons and gift table

We grabbed some long, skinny balloons—the kind you use to make animals and ridiculous hats—filled them with helium, then twisted them into cool shapes and outlines.

Retro party place setting and treats

Part of the fun of a party like this is finding snacks and stuff to match the design theme. ???

Retro table runner

The table runner is just white butcher paper with doodles—we used a black chisel-tip marker to get it started.

DIY Retro party decor and Crayola® crayons

A large circle-punch will give you all the confetti you need. We’ll ‘fess up to using a fancy laser cutter to make the black squiggles. #HallmarkLife

DIY tissue paper confetti

Retro party decorations

Retro party decorations

One last bonus: Click on the banners below and save them to your desktop—they’re just the right size to use as Facebook event cover photos.

Digital event banners: LET'S PARTY, YOU'RE INVITED and HIP HIP HOORAY!

Let’s Party | You’re Invited | Hip Hip Hooray

You know what would make a party like this EVEN MORE AMAZING? Grown-up guests wearing the new Crayola® x ASOS makeup. Maybe give the face crayons as adult party favors? 

Oh, and you know who has super-fun projects to do with your kids? (Or by yourself because no one said you can’t?) That’s right, Crayola®. Check out their CIYs!

We want to see your retro party decorations. Please, please, please show us your party. Tag us and our friends at Crayola® when you do. 


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