Color stories from a Southwestern road trip

desert_color_palette_one | thinkmakeshareblogAs visual people, artists and designers are constantly finding inspiration in their surroundings. Designer Allison Stolte takes it to a whole new level with the incredible color inspiration she found on vacation while driving around the beautiful landscapes of Arizona, Nevada, and Utah.

A recent road-trip through the Southwest left me in awe of the desert’s wildly spectacular topography and vibrant colors.  Every destination along the way brought with it otherworldly backdrops, with colors that changed based on time of day and what nature had chosen to carve away and reveal. Simply put, this place is a color-lover’s paradise. The region offers everything from soft hazy tones to rich velvety hues, all just begging to captured and brought back home as the best kind of souvenir. Of course, the only thing to do was heed the desert’s plea and snap away…and save those colors for future use. 

desert_color_palette_two | thinkmakeshareblog

desert_color_palette_three | thinkmakeshareblogdesert_color_palette_four | thinkmakeshareblogdesert_color_palette_six | thinkmakeshareblog

desert_color_palette_five | thinkmakeshareblogHAVE YOU BEEN INSPIRED BY THE OUTDOORS LATELY?


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  1. 11.18.14 | Reply
    Angiela M wrote:

    Wow, beautiful shots and color inspiration, Allison!

  2. 11.19.14 | Reply
    lindsay t wrote:

    breathtakingly gorgeous!

  3. 9.16.15 | Reply
    Ashley wrote:

    Nice photos and great writing! Love, your sis

  4. 3.2.20 | Reply


    I love the third photo down and would be so appreciative if you’d provide your photo source?
    Or, if you took the shot, are you willing to let me use it on my new website?

    Thanks for considering!


    • 3.4.20 | Reply
      Trish B. wrote:

      Hi, Emily!

      We love that you love our photo. One of our designers got the shot, and unfortunately, that means it’s reserved for Hallmark use. So very sorry!