Collaborating Artist Spotlight: 100LayerCake shows us their #SignatureStyle

100 Layer Cake is an extremely talented group of women with inspiring ideas to celebrate all the special events in life. Today we’re excited to be sharing their artist collaboration for Hallmark Signature’s 2016 Everyday offering. Their offering, which can be found in Hallmark Gold Crown Stores and online, is filled with beautifully designed, keepsakeable cards. Read on to learn more about what they love, where they find inspiration, and lots more!

100 Layer Cake shows us their Signature Style |

100 Layer Cake shows us their Signature Style |

Tell us a little bit about your blog.
100 Layer Cake is an online lifestyle destination focusing on weddings, parties, and all the good stuff in between. Our uniquely curated content inspires modern, stylish women every day as they plan for the most special events of their lives.

Where did the idea of forming 100 Layer Cake come from?
We were all three working as designers and spending a lot of time reading blogs! Two of us had recently planned our weddings and saw an opening for a more curated, design-influenced take on weddings and parties online. We had lots of ideas, but decided to launch a blog first to join the online community and generate interest for our point of view. As luck would have it our blog became a business of it’s own!

100 Layer Cake shows us their Signature Style |

How do you decide what to include on your blog?
We really love to share things that inspire us: from real weddings to DIY projects, and now we’ve begun dabbling in home interiors. We have an affinity for gorgeous florals, decadently designed cakes and ethereal gowns.

100 Layer Cake shows us their Signature Style |

Is there anything unique about your working process or how you work together?
Each one of us has a unique style, so we approach our blog with different eyes, but we all share a similar point of view. We have different talents that we bring to the table for our projects, from styling to design to floral arranging.

100 Layer Cake shows us their Signature Style |

100 Layer Cake shows us their Signature Style |

What’s your work space like?
Bright and airy, with neutrals and a sprinkle of metallics. We recently moved into a new office space, so stay tuned for our office design reveal!

What inspires you?
Interior design, textiles, entertaining, art and design, botany, and architecture… and of course Pinterest!

Are there any trends that you’re especially loving right now?
Amanda: I’ve been really into structured, simple pieces lately, contrasted with organic and textural touches and a little hint of metallic.

Jillian: I love the eclectic boho trend but I also love seeing a wedding that’s clean and modern.

Kristina: I always love simple/romantic/rustic and love seeing how this trend continues to evolve each season.

100 Layer Cake shows us their Signature Style |

How would you describe your individual styles?  Are your tastes similar, or do they differ?
Amanda loves modern, organic style with a hint of shine, while Jillian is into modern boho and Kristina loves the modern, rustic, Scandi-inspired vibe.

If you took the day off tomorrow, how would each of you spend your time?
A: I would start the day out at my new favorite workout class, called “The Class with TT,” followed by a Moon Juice, a walk by the ocean to smell the breeze, lunch with a friend, some spa time at The Now, and a date night with my husband out to a romantic dinner. Ahh… I don’t think I’ve ever had the chance to do all of these things in one day (or week!) though!

J: Whenever I have a day to myself, I spend it going to the gym, having a leisurely glass of wine, and ending the day with a mani/pedi.

K: I’d start with a long run or a yoga class, head to the farmer’s market to buy waayyy too much produce and way too many flowers, call my best friend for an epic two hour catch up sesh while puttering in the kitchen, have an early dinner on our back deck with my husband and our two little boys, and finish up with some bedtime stories and a nice, quiet bath to myself.

What are your 3 favorite songs on your playlists right now?
A: “Ela Navega” by the Allah-Las
“Ceiling Gazing” by Mark Kozelek
“Lay Lady Lay” by Bob Dylan

J: Because I find it hard to keep up with music trends, I have KCRw on heavy rotation. It keeps me feeling somewhat current.

K: Songs? Ummmm, how about podcasts? This American Life, The Moth, and Wait Wait always. And our whole family is obsessed with the album This record belongs to…, which is supposed to be for kids but it’s such a great compilation that I listen to it on my son’s record player while he’s at school!

100 Layer Cake shows us their Signature Style |

Who would you love to have over to dinner if you could?
A: Alice Waters: a culinary legend who has influenced so much of California cuisine.
Wes Anderson: I’d love to hear his dinner party conversation topics.
My college design instructor: she helped my interest in design to blossom, which influenced my whole career.

J: Honestly, it’s been a really long time since I had a nice dinner at home with all my friends. With kids and a busy schedule, I long for hosting an intimate dinner party with the people who mean the most to me.

K: My best girlfriends, always. Seems impossible to have more than passing conversations these days (with kids and distance and life) and time with them always fills me up.
Michael Pollan: His thoughtfulness and insight into how and what we eat is inspiring.
John Stewart: I miss him!

Speaking of dinner, what’s your favorite meal?
A: Anything Vietnamese and spicy!

J: Pizza

K: I don’t know if you could consider this a meal, but I have a wild obsession with the street-side fruit carts on every corner in LA at the moment. With plenty of lime and Tajín, of course!

100 Layer Cake shows us their Signature Style |

100 Layer Cake shows us their Signature Style |

Tell us a little bit about the inspiration and vision for this collection.
We wanted to create pieces that could be used as party decor as well as function as cards. One of our cards incorporates a reusable garland that someone can hang up and display. We designed the line with our brand in mind… soft and pretty colors, different textures and patterns, and graceful calligraphy.

100 Layer Cake shows us their Signature Style |

What’s your favorite card in the collection?
A: I love the Happy Birthday fringe card. It screams celebration and makes me happy whenever I see it.

Run, don’t walk, to your nearest Hallmark Gold Crown store to check out Hallmark Signature’s collaboration with 100 Layer Cake! Or shop it online here. Be sure to tag us if you share your favorites on Instagram. (@think.make.share @hallmarksignature @100_layercake)

Behind the Scenes Photography: Scott Clark Photo  |  Greeting Card Photography: The Great Romance



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