Words of Civility from Our Hallmark Writers

Has there been a moment or two in the last few months that you’ve thought to yourself, “The world needs more love”? Us, too! The Hallmark Writing Studio recently wrapped up a project to create shareable messages of love, understanding and civility. Studio Team Lead Matt G. shares the experience—and the results.

Civility | thinkmakeshareblog.com

Civility | thinkmakeshareblog.com

Writers—greeting card writers included—are like exposed nerve endings. When events grow intense, as they have in recent months, we’re sensitized to the point of distraction. Angry election campaigns. Heated, emotional debates. Bullies and trolls. Name-calling and misunderstandings. So much sadness and anger surrounds us. It drills down to our core as humans. Yet we have to set those feelings aside to accomplish our daily creative work.

These are not things you typically see Hallmark talking about. As a company we try to remain ideologically neutral. Conflict is tricky for us. We’re pro love and kindness.

Civility | thinkmakeshareblog.com

Civility | thinkmakeshareblog.com

But Hallmark writers believe we have an obligation to help our fellow humans feel a little better about the world right now. Our company exists to spread positivity, civility, and love, and we thought there might be an opportunity to drown out the unkind noise with kindness and compassion—so we kicked off a project to do just that.

Our first task was to find examples of times where people’s kind and civil behavior made a situation better…and where the lack of civility made it worse. Every morning for a couple of weeks, we gathered in our big conference room to share inspiring clips and stories we’d encountered online and in real life.

Civility | thinkmakeshareblog.com

Civility | thinkmakeshareblog.com

It was a cathartic and therapeutic exercise. We found so many great stories: A homeless man protecting his wheelchair-bound friend from getting robbed. A judge enraged about a woman’s treatment in jail. A community’s support for a doctor whose patient refused treatment from him because of his religion. A photographer who donated free photo sessions to children with special needs. We became inspired and determined to amplify all the goodness that’s out there.

And then we wrote! We’d like to share some of those pieces with you and hope you might share them with your friends, classmates, colleagues, and citizens. Let’s flood our feeds with goodness, hope, and understanding.

Civility | thinkmakeshareblog.com

Civility | thinkmakeshareblog.com

Whether we’re thinking about global strife, national conflict, community unrest or individual struggles, can’t we, in some small way, help people be better citizens with one another? Can’t we encourage others to dial down the hatred? Can’t we help people be more civil to one another? Short answer: yes.

If you think the world could use more love, share your favorites from this post and tag us on Facebook and Instagram (@think.make.share)!



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  1. 11.2.16 | Reply
    Karen Legband wrote:

    What a wonderful idea! For a company to replace the conflict and anger that bombards us with kindness and positivity is such an admirable goal. More of the world needs to follow in your footsteps! Thank you for all your efforts in this direction.

    • 11.3.16 | Reply
      Matt wrote:

      And thank YOU for the kind words, Karen. Sure seems like the time is right for a “flip the script” type of movement.

  2. 11.3.16 | Reply
    Becky Rhodes wrote:

    You guys are the greatest…thanks for your thoughtful approach to the “chaos” of our world.

    • 11.4.16 | Reply
      Matt wrote:

      There’s been a little too much chaos lately, huh. But we’ve seen throughout history how love and hope can push aside pessimism and hate if enough people make a point of it. Thanks for reading!

  3. 11.4.16 | Reply

    Love this-thank you for sharing the story behind this effort. I do think that when there is such unrest in our world, we are given opportunity to ‘dial down the hatred’ as you said it so well, and look for the good in each other, in our communities and focus again on kindness and respect-even amidst our differences. Better yet-celebrate those difference WITH kindness and respect. Sharing of stories can be so powerful-love that you shared the story behind this. Thank you!

    • 11.4.16 | Reply
      Matt wrote:

      So true! We knew we needed to focus on something good for awhile, not just to find a way to channel our own concerns into something constructive but also to maybe jump-start the healing process that we’ll need. (Especially a few days from now!)

  4. 11.4.16 | Reply

    Great to see! I have made cards myself for certain situations where a card didn’t exist, but a situation or person you know deserves a card, that special token of attention that shows you care & everyone looks forward to receiving.
    I have designed and written my own cards for parents who had a premature baby, who was in the NICU, a cancer patient who was losing their hair and needed a pick me up and I even did one for my girlfriend who got a really bad haircut (actually, I recreated that one many times). So, good for Hallmark to be innovative and think of it from the receivers side.

  5. 11.5.16 | Reply
    Kathi wrote:

    Love the artwork and tge whole idea behind it. Thanks for tge encouragement!!

    • 11.7.16 | Reply
      Matt wrote:

      Yep, the lettering artists, designers and illustrators here are incredibly talented. Our writers love working with ’em!

  6. 11.5.16 | Reply
    Sue wrote:

    We’re all here together and it does come down to how we show love to one another, not just to the people we do love but those that we have a hard time with. Thank you for the reminder about what’s most important. More people need to think about this.

    • 11.7.16 | Reply
      Matt wrote:

      Agreed! We’ve seen a lot of those “hard time with” interactions lately, on social media and IRL. But we’re all going to keep sharing this country, this planet, etc., so we might as well figure it out.

  7. 11.9.16 | Reply
    Beth Comer wrote:

    I L.O.V.E. this!!!!

  8. 2.18.18 | Reply
    Lew wrote:

    Hi, I love your civility images and I would like permission to post them please. Also, can you tell me what it would cost to have you make me about 10 of these images (I would send you the content/links) to match our brands? Or I would love to partner and use you as the “official” designer for our company- we have 276 affiliates around the world and they all share and post what our head office shares and post. You could insert link to hallmark/advertise. Please advise, thank you.

    • 2.19.18 | Reply
      Think.Make.Share wrote:

      Hi, Lew. Thank you for reaching out. We’re so glad you like our civility post and images. Please email us at thinkmakeshare@hallmark.com to specify usage. Thanks for your interest!

  9. 11.15.18 | Reply
    Pamela Myers wrote:

    Can anyone tell me how to go about submitting an incredible drawing of Santa Claus for consideration as a Christmas card??

    • 11.15.18 | Reply
      Trish B. wrote:

      Hi, Pamela! Hallmark’s artwork is all created in-house by our illustrators—we don’t accept freelance submissions. Thanks for thinking of us!

  10. 11.24.18 | Reply
    Lynn Glarrow wrote:

    My hometown has a person or more shot every day or night. i wish someone could start a “God” campaign. With signs all over town reminding every to Love, and thank God. Everyone needs to be nicer to friends and family.