Join our Christmas card challenge: Send love and care through the mail

Picture someone you love getting a Christmas card from you in the mail: Seeing the embossed envelope with familiar handwriting and festive stamps…reading the card with a sweet note or long letter tucked inside…smiling at photos of your kids and pets. You can make someone so happy by doing something so simple! And we’re here to help make it even easier and even more fun. That’s why the Think.Make.Share team is bringing back our Christmas Card Challenge—and we want you to join us!

Christmas Card Challenge: hand addressed envelope and Hallmark card

What is this Christmas Card Challenge?

We’re going to make it fun to send Christmas cards. That’s it! We’ll break it down into easy, do-able tasks, with lots of great advice along the way. And at the end, we’ll all take pictures of our glorious stacks of hand-addressed envelopes and social-share the heck out of them (#pswritebacksoon) in the hopes that it inspires other to send Christmas cards this year, too.

Why are we sending cards?

Because it feels good. Seriously. Writing little notes to our favorite people reminds us how lucky we are to have them in our lives. Taking the time to send good wishes and holiday greetings makes us feel connected. And picturing someone smiling by their mailbox…see it? Right? The world needs all the love and care we can send out into it.

Also, we love turning on some Christmas music, getting out a stash of new pens and washi tape, and decorating all those envelopes.

Christmas Card Challenge: artist hand addressing envelope

When do I start?

The season officially kicks off the day after Thanksgiving, so get that tree up and get your holiday MOJO going!

Are there any rules to this challenge?

Um, sure? Yes? If it makes it seem more official? Here goes:

  1. This is about spreading joy, not drowning in obligation. Do not stress yourself out. You can send three cards or 30 or 300. They can arrive on time or be adorably tardy.
  2. Part of the fun is making this one big community party, so you should chat with us on Facebook and share your photos on Instagram. If you use the hashtags #pswritebacksoon and #careenough and we will stalk you and put hearts all over everything you post.
  3. Of course, we hope you’ll send Hallmark cards because, well, our good friends made them. But mainly we want you to get in touch with your friends and family. Make cards, buy them, or send some from your stash.
  4. OK, maybe there IS one rule: You REALLY SHOULD hand write or letter or draw your friends’ and families’ names and addresses. You can use pre-printed labels for your return address. But they should get to see their names in your own beautiful or quirky or perfect or charmingly horrible handwriting. We even have tips and tricks to help you make them special!

Christmas Card Challenge: decorated envelope with confetti

Let’s do this. Ready?

Christmas Card Challenge Essentials

Here are a few of the things you’ll need to get fully in challenge mode.

  • Free printable checklist: Download it, print it, and hang it high. Experience the wonder of checking off tasks as you do them.
  • The List: You’ll need names and addresses gathered somewhere. We’ve got some thoughts and tips.
  • Cards: So many choices. Will get you get a bunch of boxed cards, or mix in some off the rack? Will there be funny cards and serious ones? Will you get Hanukkah cards for Jewish friends and holiday wishes for folks who don’t celebrate Christmas?
  • Pens: This is no time to use the ballpoint pen from your last hotel stay. You want a pen that feels good in your hand with ink that flows like a dream. Maybe multiple pens in different colors. That’s getting into…
  • Decorations: How will you trick out your cards? Special markers? Washi tape and stickers? Set yourself up to have fun.
  • Beautiful stamps: Some of us have already ordered ours from USPS, and you guys. The ones from the book The Snowy Day are so cute we can hardly stand it.

Christmas Card Challenge: decorated envelope

Christmas Card Challenge calendar

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the holiday season and let your card-sending tasks get away from you. Easy fix: Build it into the fun.

  • Add it to your calendar. Take a peek at the official checklist and block time on your calendar for each task.
  • Give yourself a deadline. Do you need to send overseas or Military mail early? Or deliver cards at work or school before vacation starts? Knowing this ahead of time will keep you on the ball!
  • Make it a party. We bake cookies and wrap gifts with friends…so why not write cards? Throw a Card Signing party! Set the date and send the invites for a night of crafting, snacks and drinks, and jazzy holiday background music. Maybe pajamas? We’re in! (And we’ll be sharing our own next week.)
  • Call in the kids. You can assign age-appropriate duties: Little children can write their first name or apply stickers. Older kids can help with the addressing and write their own notes. How much will people love getting a card from all of you? (A lot. The answer is A LOT.) Schedule a family card night and make it part of your Christmas tradition.

Christmas Card Challenge: stack of envelopes ready to mail

Christmas Card Challenge Resources

We’ve got all sorts of info to help out along the way. Here’s your one-stop shop for holiday greeting questions and ideas.

Inside the card

Christmas wishes: What to write in a holiday card

Ideas for Christmas letters

Our best tips for card and letter writing (not Christmas related—just general ideas for meaningful messages)

Three free holiday newsletter designs to download

Outside the envelopes

How to address an envelope

Lettering styles and embellishments

More envelope and letter goodness

Easy ways to decorate a whole stack of envelopes

Envelope add-ons

Christmas card photos

Tips from Hallmark photographers

Stylish and stress-free family photos

Adorable ideas for holiday pet photos

Baby Christmas photo ideas

And more…

How to fall in love with card and letter writing

Across-the-miles gift ideas

We know, we know. We can’t wait to get started on our Christmas Card Challenge either! Have fun…and definitely don’t forget to share what you’re up to with us on Instagram and Facebook!


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  1. 11.30.17 | Reply
    Sharon wrote:

    I would like to receive the emails, but I don’t post on Facebook or instagram

  2. 11.24.18 | Reply
    Emily wrote:

    Yesssssss. This is totes up my ally!
    Can’t wait!

  3. 11.24.18 | Reply
    Molly wrote:

    Yes please

  4. 1.3.19 | Reply
    Ann A. wrote:

    I started to research the question “why did I get fewer Christmas cards this year.” I send about 150 cards personally and 400 from business but in both cases I got far fewer in return. Is it cost? Here is my cost breakdown.
    Card 75c – 1$ per card. I use labels 30 labels to a sheet. $29,99 a box of 3000 so about 3c a pg. But try keeping them all updated!!!!
    Print labels, put them on envelope, put return address label on and everyone in office wanted to sign the cards. I will insist on having them print the signatures next time. More cost.
    Stamps cost 47c per US delivery. $1.10 per international and there were 30 of those.
    Mind you I do this every year but when I noted that I personally received 60 cards and the office received about 12!!! I’ve started to rethink my efforts. I guess office has to continue, they are clients and business associates. I believe I will still send my personal cards list, although a little culled!!. Why!
    I have saved some lovely cards over the years and have 100s of lovely memories of family and friends sending love and very warm wishes. The people we send to must enjoy receiving them but the cost and effort has become too much. If the post office reduced the stamp cost back to 27c nationally and 60c internationally at Christmas time I believe that we’d see a big resurgence of this lovely practice. Of course I always send a card conveying the real meaning of Christmas and that practice alone would warm hearts to last well into the year. Send Christmas cards everyone! You’ll love it!!!

    • 1.3.19 | Reply
      Trish B. wrote:

      Thanks for telling us about your Christmas-card sending! You are #GOALS!

  5. 1.3.19 | Reply
    Ann A. wrote:

    I just noticed that this is a Hallmark website. I have to let you know that after almost 58 years of marriage my husband’s cards – all Hallmark – are so beautiful, both with the card itself and his expressions of love that I want to create a book to give to my family to pass down through the ages.
    Ann A

    • 1.3.19 | Reply
      Trish B. wrote:

      Your husband sounds pretty fabulous! And your comment immediately made me think of these card keepers our friends on the product team just created…maybe one of them would help preserve all those lovely cards?

      Thanks for reading Think.Make.Share!

  6. 12.4.20 | Reply
    Helen Forgan wrote:

    I love this! I am a card sender! I send cards for every occasion. I send almost 200 cards for Christmas & they are already out & mostly delivered. I really want to work on envelope lettering so please send all the inspiration!

  7. 12.5.20 | Reply
    Rochelle wrote:

    It would be nice if you could advertise Chanukah the way you do Christmas! Not everyone celebrates one way!!!
    Thank You!!!