DIY canvas planter wraps: Make flowers into party favors

These canvas planter wraps turn garden-variety potted flowers into pretty party favors. Here’s a simple, inexpensive DIY from Ashley H. that has big visual impact—and makes a sweet centerpiece until your guests take them home.

It just takes a few craft supplies to make party favors your mom friends will love! Follow the simple steps below.


Potted flowers or plants (we went with a beautiful yellow ranunculus)

Canvas fabric



Fabric paint (we used black)

Painting tools: small paint brush, large paint brush, double-sided spatula

Paint tray

Measure the height of the pot. Double it, and add that measurement to the diameter of the bottom to get the size of your square. (Or plunk the pot in the middle of a piece of canvas and pull it up so it covers the sides: That’s how big your squares should be.)

Cut fabric squares for each of your planters.

Pick a simple, easy-to-repeat pattern for your design. I used the smaller paint brush to create a repeated cross pattern.

Pro-tip: It absolutely doesn’t have to be perfect, but you can use a ruler or fan-fold the fabric to help keep rows even if it makes you happier.

Using the smaller end of the spatula, I created a “V” pattern.

I used the large paint brush to bold, graphic semi-circles. And the large end of the spatula created a really cool line pattern.

Pro-tip: Play with patterns on a piece of scrap paper. For more inspiration, take a peek here and here.

Once your paint has dried, put the canvas painted-side down and place the flower-pot in the middle.

Loosely pull up all four corners of the fabric. Double your twine and wrap it around the fabric and pot.

Tie the twine in a bow to secure the fabric.

Now display your favors on a table and watch all your guests “ooh” and “aah.”

Such an easy and chic way to send your guests away happy!

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