Candy Christmas craft: Creating the sweetest characters

How do you inspire a fresh take on traditional Christmas icons? For Hallmark Art Director Jessica B. and Master Artist Gary H., it was all about the sugar. They kicked off their holiday project at a table covered with every kind of sweet treat imaginable: gum drops, peppermints, sanding sugar, sprinkles, marshmallows, and more. The challenge: Create classic characters with candy. (We think this candy Christmas craft would be a perfect project for kids, too.)

Bags and bags of candy for a Christmas craft

Candy Christmas craft supplies

Candy Christmas craft supplies

  • Candy: Hit up a bulk candy store and get a little bit of everything. Look for a variety of shapes and colors.
  • Cookie decorations: Sanding sugar, jimmies, sprinkles, coconut—again, variety is key.
  • Other treats: Cookies, cupcakes, Rice Krispies Treats, tiny donuts. Bonus points for snacks that look snowy.
  • Icing: Tubes of gel and decorative icing are great for adding details and holding pieces together.
  • Baking supplies: Cardboard circles make perfect canvases. Festive cupcake liners come in handy, too.
  • Craft supplies in seasonal colors: Grab some paper, pipe cleaners, toothpicks, felt, markers, and paint pens.
  • Tools: Think scissors, knives, pliers, tweezers.

Paper cups full of sanding sugar and candy decorations

Hallmark artists at a table creating Christmas icons out of candy

Making things is more fun with friends. We love working in groups for a few different reasons:

  • It’s easy to get inspired when there are talented people doing cool things on all sides.
  • Problem solving is as simple as saying, “I’m stuck! Any advice?”
  • So. Much. Laughing.

Marshmallow snowman with baby's breath arms

Christmas candy clown

Seriously with this jaunty hat.

Making a candy snowman on skates

Coconut snowman

Snow people were varied and plentiful. And just ridiculously adorable.

Making snow people out of marshmallows

Marshmallow snow artists with selfie

Just stop it with this snowman and its self-portrait.

Marshmallow snowman weightlifter

Marshmallow snowman and dog

It’s a snow puppy. A. Snow. Puppy.

Marshmallow snowlady with flowers

We cannot get enough of this pretty snow lady and her sweet collar and crown.

Marshmallow snowman with gumdrop sleeves

Angel marshmallow critters

This angel critter, you guys.

Coconut snowman

Candy snowman

We love all the different ways the artists made scarves—licorice twists, felt, pipe cleaners.

Sweet treat Christmas clown

Candy snowman and dog

Another candy doggo. We cannot.

Marshmallow snowmen on a licorice bobsled


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Photography by Ty Hester.


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