Cactus craze going strong

Spiny succulents are everywhere! The whole world has gone mad for the humble cactus. This prickly icon is popping up on fabric, prints, décor and more. Click more below for a celebration of cacti!


Cactus Trio by Michelle Morin |

















We Hallmarkers aren’t immune to the popular cacti, either! See below for a gorgeous terrariums watercolor by freelance illustrator Sarah Walsh, a mod stationary collection by Hallmark designer Lorenza Stornello, a cool Creative Growth 5 Points print by illustrator Allie Rotenberg, and desert bird artwork by illustrator Kathy Behrens.

Cactus Watercolor by Sarah Walsh | thinkmakeshareblog.comCactus Stationary Collection by Lorenza Stornello | thinkmakeshareblog.com5 Points Cactus Print by Allie Rotenberg |

Cactus Artwork by Kathy Behrens |


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