How to build a letter-writing habit

There’s enough stuff in our lives we have to do—and probably not enough we get to do or love to do or OMG CANNOT WAIT to do. What if we could get into a letter-writing habit that falls in that last category?

Here are a few hints to help fit sending personal notes into your routine.

Make it easy.

Keep your stationery, pens, and stamps accessible, especially when and where you’re most likely to write.

Start small.

Write one short note inside a greeting card—or maybe just send a postcard. See how good it feels to write, seal, stamp, and send a simple note.

You do you.

Do you love ritual? Great: Make some tea, light a candle, curl up in a comfy chair, and grab your favorite pen. Are you a check-the-box-and-move-on type? Maybe your stationery stash is on the counter, where you can dash off a quick note while you’re sifting through the mail. Or if you’re the consummate multi-tasker, carry a little portfolio and write in waiting rooms.

Do what’s fun.

What will make you look forward to mailing or delivering your note: knowing you’ve chosen the perfect card, written a wonderful letter, or turned the envelope into a work of art? Any one of those will make the recipient smile—and give you something to look forward to

Go easy on yourself.

Don’t beat yourself up for missing a day or treat it like an overdue homework assignment. Sure, we’re calling this a challenge—but no one’s keeping track. Building a card and letter-writing habit is an extra sweet way to reach out to the people we love. It should feel good to you, too.

How’s your #NationalCardandLetterWritingMonth challenge going? Are you on your way to a solid letter-writing habit? Tell us in the comments—or share on our Facebook page or Instagram. Don’t forget to use the tag #pswritebacksoon!



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