Be more caring: Focus on relationships in 2020

If “be more caring” is at the top of your resolution list, a good first step is setting up some helpful reminders. And of course, we’ve got some ideas about how to do that.

How to be more caring in four easy steps

  1. Go get our A Year of Caring ‘zine.
  2. Browse through your contacts.
  3. Fill in your calendar.
  4. Set up reminders.

"A Year of Caring" booklet on a table with flowers and letters in the background |

What you’ll need to be more caring in 2020

  • Our free A Year of Caring ‘zine (download it here)
  • Your contacts list
  • Your digital or paper calendar or planner or bullet journal

See how easy this is?

Download our free A Year of Caring ‘zine

Because we love small, cute, helpful things, we created this little booklet for our friends at Ideas on It’s a smart, simple way to be mindful of what matters to your favorite people.

Browse through your contacts

Take a look through the folks who pop up regularly in your texts and DMs…and those precious few you actually speak to on the phone (hey, fam). Make a list of the relationships you really want to work on this year.

Then do a bit of digging—either on social media or IRL—and find out about their big days and important moments. Go beyond the obvious dates like birthdays and anniversaries. When did they have kids? Adopt a doggo? When will they graduate? And don’t forget the tough days: the one-year mark after a loved one passed away or the first Valentine’s Day after a break-up.

"Year of Caring" booklet open to a page to record big days and birthday information about a friend; shows someone's hands writing with a pen. |

Fill in your calendar

Jot those important occasions in your own calendar so you’ll know when to send a card, make a phone call, or take someone to lunch.

Add the biggest days and names of your closest friends and family to the Year of Caring ‘zine.

Set up reminders

To keep you on track:

  • Set up reminders a few days before big events to get a note in the mail or schedule time together.
  • Make notes to check in with friends regularly to find out what’s up in their lives.
  • If you use a bullet journal, create a habit tracker for each friend, each card, or each act of kindness.
  • Tuck your Year of Caring ‘zine in your bag or keep it on your desk or dresser so “be more caring” is always on your mind.

Want more ideas?

What are you doing to get organized for the year? Show us on Instagram at @think.make.share


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  1. 1.15.20 | Reply
    Chris Jackson wrote:

    ABSO-FREAKING-LUTELY LOVE this “A Year of Caring ‘zine.” Exactly what I needed that all the gazillion dollar planner creators have missed the ship on….what’s really important in our daily lives – caring connections. You nailed it! Thanks bunches for sharing.

  2. 1.27.20 | Reply
    Lexi Smith wrote:

    wow! love these ideas! thanks for the free download!🤩

  3. 3.28.20 | Reply
    Marguerite Green wrote:

    Hallmark cards brings many special memories and emotions to me. It brings warm, loving, and caring moments of my Mom! She would not let a special occasion go by without sending a hallmark card to show others that she cared. We spent lots of time in a hallmark store as she read the cards to make sure it said just what she wanted to say. Thank you hallmark for helping to make those moments special times spent with mom in hallmark stores. Cards were an excellent way of communicating what was deep in her heart for the people that she loved. Those are the Memories that keep my moms spirit alive!

  4. 7.1.20 | Reply

    Lovely ideas! A good start to show more care to your loved ones.