Back to school zine: Free download to personalize

While kids are counting down the last days of summer, Moms are gearing up for the first days of school. We’re shopping for supplies, reestablishing routines, and trying to hold on to memories of our kids at this age right here—those sweet little things about them that will disappear or change as they grow older. That’s the idea behind this adorable back to school zine.

There’s no cuter way to capture a moment than to delegate it to a kiddo. Hallmark Design Intern Alyssa G. created this tiny booklet full of questions for your little one to answer—with your help or on their own.

Back to school zine: A tiny booklet to personalize

To make your own zine, just print out this free downloadable template. For step-by-step photos and instructions, take a look at our Teacher Appreciation Day version.

Back to school zine: Add your child's grade and name

Back to school zine: Capture your child's school details

Back to school zine: Spaces to fill in personal details and best friend info

Back to school zine: Places to record what your child is good at, and what they can't wait to learn

Back to school zine: Ask your child to draw their picture

It just takes a little cutting and folding before you get to the fun part: Letting your child fill it in.


  • For kids too young to fill in the blanks on their own, you can interview them and write the answers. But let them write their name and draw their portrait.
  • If they can’t spell it, they can always draw it.
  • At the end of the school year, print out and fill in another copy—then have fun comparing the two to see what’s changed.
  • Bookmark this page, and fill out a new one every year!

More back to school fun…

Lots of us here at Think.Make.Share have little (and not-so-little) school-age kids. So we’ve got back to school on the brain.

  • You can print and personalize first day of school signs for younger kids.
  • Or make some easy, inexpensive dorm decor for college students.
  • Keep a stack of our free printable lunch box notes on hand (think of it as tiny stationery).
  • And because we cannot help ourselves, learn how to make macramé keychains that look as cute clipped to a backpack as they do with actual keys on them. #macramérocks

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