Free download: Make your own back-to-school magnets

This time of year moms are looking for every chance they can get to offer a few encouraging words. Download and print these free back-to-school magnets to stick notes to lunch boxes, lockers, file cabinets, and anywhere else they’ll get noticed. 

Back-to-School magnets supplies |



If you don’t have an inkjet printer, you can download, print and attach to self-adhesive magnet sheets.

Cutting out Back-to-School magnets from magnetic sheet |

Once you’ve printed the magnets (or attached the print to the sheet of magnets), use scissors or a craft knife to cut them out. Leave a white border around the illustration—you can make it as wide or narrow as you’d like.

Back-to-School magnets on locker |

They’re great for sticking notes and messages inside a locker—or on a file cabinet or magnetic board.

Back-to-School magnets on lunchbox with apple, milk, and cheese |

We like using the back-to-school magnets to attach cute notes (use these) to lunch boxes or bento boxes.

Back-to-School magnets on lunchbox |

And, of course, you can put notes—or greeting cards, artwork, or particularly impressive test results—on the fridge.

Back to school magnets with Studio Ink cards |

Want to make adorable animal bookmarks?? Or make brown paper lunch sacks look amazing? Or download a free, hand-lettered first-day sign? Or fill your feed with the cutest back-to-school photos? We’ve got all the adorable ideas you’re looking for!

Get the cards shown above or stock up on some Just Because cards made especially to encourage kids.

What’s your favorite way to cheer on kiddos going back to school? Tell us in the comments…or show us on Facebook or Instagram



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