Free baby shower downloads: Let the adventure begin!

Having a baby is an adventure for everyone involved. So “Let the adventure begin” is pretty much the perfect baby shower theme. Our friends at Hallmark Baby combined their mad skills and their own adorable products to throw the cutest work baby shower around. And—lucky us—they even created some free baby shower downloads for you to use at your next party or shower! Plus they let us take pictures and share tips for a shower they threw for a coworker.

Opening a gift at an adventure-themed baby shower


Going all in on a theme can feel over-the-top real quick. Consider picking and choosing where you lean in, and keeping some of the elements simple and classic. Sometimes less is more when it comes to shower decor.

Let the Adventure begin printable design

This free downloadable Let the Adventure Begin artwork can be used to decorate the table, stick in a frame, or to give as party favors. Label treats or assign seats with these folded tent cards.

Baby shower guests with "reserved for Mom" sign

Save the guest of honor’s place with a special reserved sign. (She might need this in the future to call dibs on comfy chairs.) Grandma-To-Be can have one of her own as well!

Cupcakes with mountain toppers

Cupcakes with mountain toppers

Pro Tip

Did you know you can make cupcake toppers out of just about anything? Choose a simple design (like our free downloadable mountain toppers) and print it on cardstock—or use spray mount to stick gift wrap to heavyweight paper. Cut out your designs and tape a toothpick to the back. Done! (How cute would these be for a camping or wilderness themed party, too?!) You can even attach them to straws if you want to dress up your beverage station.

Drinks served in mini milk bottles

Decorated woodland-themed cake

Decorated woodland-themed cake

Cakes are always kind of a big deal at showers. They make great edible centerpieces, so don’t be afraid to splurge on style here.


You’ve played the same ones over and over again. And while we dig a good blindfolded diapering free-for-all or guess-the-gender game, we’re crazy in love with these hilarious fill-in-the-blank letters from baby. (Bonus points if you have her read them aloud.)

(Printing tips: You’ll just need one copy of the first page. Print page two of your downloadable Letters from Baby shower activity back to back on facing pages. Make sure you have enough for each guest! Keep them together on a key ring, and your guest of honor will have a great memento for years to come.)

Playing a free baby shower download game

Playing a free baby shower download game


Wrapped and unwrapped gifts are perfectly legit party decor—especially if you’re hosting a baby shower for a coworker and can’t go nuts decking out the whole room. Bunting, onesies, and wall art brighten up plain spaces, then go home with Mom. And because they’re designers, our guests were all happy to play along with the theme and color palette when they wrapped their gifts.

Baby shower decorations

Baby shower decorations

Wrapped baby shower gift

We love the idea of using part of the gift as gift wrap. (Find more adorable baby gift wrap ideas here.)

Gift wrapped using a free downloadable baby shower idea: Raccoon bandit

You know this little one is going to steal some hearts.

Unwrapping gifts at a baby shower

Unwrapping gifts at a baby shower


Don’t forget to treat your guests for taking time out of their day to celebrate the mama-to-be! These Let the Adventure Begin treat bags are a great size for cookies or candy.

Baby shower gift bags

All in one place

Free baby shower downloads

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