Artist Spotlight on cut paper guru Lynn Giunta

Artist Lynn Giunta is a cut-paper guru, a mentor to many, and an artistic hero to all of us here at Think.Make.Share. We sat down with her to get the inside scoop on her latest Gold Crown collection and the art of being Lynn.

Hallmark Artist Spotlight on Lynn Giunta | lead |

Coffee or tea?  Always coffee…and if you’d like to go for one right now, that would be great.

Sweet or salty? Always sweet. But sometimes salty.

Hallmark Artist Spotlight on Lynn Giunta | lead |

I’ve been at Hallmark…since the day I stepped out of college 31 years ago.

If I weren’t a Lettering Artist, I’d be…working in a bookstore. (Still surrounded by letters and words, but in a different way.)

Favorite tool or medium: It’s a tie between brush-and-ink and scissors-and-paper.

Hallmark Artist Spotlight on Lynn Giunta | lead |

Best color (in the crayon box): Right now, neon pink.

Ideal way to feed your brain/soul/creative spirit: SHOPPING!!!! I love finding great gifts for friends, interesting different clothes that I have to have, and jewelry.

Current trend obsession: Pattern. Both to design with and to wear.

Hallmark Artist Spotlight on Lynn Giunta | lead |

Favorite Hallmark product to date:  My artist collection. You don’t get to work on such a big-statement group of cards very often, and I feel really proud of how it looks.

Most delightful thing about working for Hallmark: Easiest question ever—the people.



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  1. 11.8.18 | Reply
    Cindy Swahlen wrote:

    I would like to buy a bunch of Hallmark cards designed by you. We don’t have a Hallmark store here. How can I go about ordering some? Are you going to make any Christmas cards this year, Lynn?
    From your cousin,

    • 11.9.18 | Reply
      Kelly C. wrote:

      Try! —Kelly