A nursery design to inspire adventures

How did you decide your baby’s nursery design theme? Was it favorite colors…a family treasure…something that called your name from a Pinterest board? For Hallmarkers Lisa and Charlie H., it was a piece of artwork they’d purchased from a friend the year before. Now their first baby, Henry, is surrounded by artwork and icons they chose just for him.

From the moment my husband Charlie and I found out we were pregnant, we knew it was going to be our greatest adventure. It seemed only fitting that the nursery design for our little Henry would follow this theme. The inspiration for his room started with a print by our friend and fellow Hallmark artist Tuesday S.. I mean, a canoeing buffalo—what says adventure more than that!?

Once we had chosen a color palette, Charlie and I had the best time searching for things we thought Henry would gather if he were a little explorer: a wooden camera by Fanny & Alexander, old family postcards, a baseball mitt and even a vintage personalized storybook.

Because the nursery is a pretty small place, we picked a light wood crib and white furniture to keep the room feeling bright and open. The rug and camping lamp from Land of Nod could not have been a more perfect fit. I even had an excuse to purchase plush from two of my favorite makers, Sleepy King and Boolah Baguette.

Our favorite thing about this room is that it’s filled with things made and given to us by people who love Henry. The mountains, wooden wall hanging and fire pit were created for our baby shower. Plus, so much of the art and treasures were made by friends: square art prints illustrated by Kellie B., a pennant made by Ashlee S., and a goodnight pillow made by Tuesday, just to name a few. Even the stuffed animals were hand crafted—Allyson L. sewed him a fox friend and Cece M. made him his very own personalized Raccoon.

We wanted to get in on the action, too. Charlie, who is also a Hallmark artist, illustrated three prints to hang over Henry’s crib, and I made him his very own bunny, inspired by our new little family. For his mobile, I came right here to Think.Make.Share and followed this tutorial by Lindsay H.

I’d like to hope that when Henry looks around his room he’ll dream of all the adventures he’ll take—and be able to see how much he is loved.

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Photography by Jane Kortright


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