Share a little love on Absolutely Incredible Kid Day (or any day)

Any day is a good time to tell people what we love about them—especially when it comes to the kiddos in our lives. And Absolutely Incredible Kid Day®, celebrated by Camp Fire on March 15, is a great reminder to put our encouraging thoughts into inspiring words.
We asked some of our creative team to share their messages and offer some tips for how to make a kid’s day.

Ideas for Absolutely Incredible Kid Day

Send your words in your handwriting

When a message is in your unique handwriting, it just has a little extra…something. Think about Mom’s tidy penmanship…or Dad’s bold scrawl…or the familiar loops and swirls that told you right away you’d gotten a card from Grandma. Texts and emails have their place, but when you put pen to paper, you make it personal.

  • Write a letter on nice paper with a good pen.
  • Send a message in a silly card, like this, this, this, this, or this.
  • Cover a room or mirror or the dashboard of a car in hand-written sticky notes.
  • Go old-school and demonstrate the lost art of folded notebook paper.
  • Create a handmade card yourself.

Say something real

Your message doesn’t have to be long, or flowery, or some grand statement. That you say it is more important than how you say it.

  • Tell them you believe in them.
  • Make a list of their unique traits and talents.
  • Point out the little things you notice and love.
  • Compliment their behavior and their choices.
  • Say what you know is special—even if they don’t think it’s a big deal.
  • Talk about why they matter so much to you.

We’ve got even more ideas on how to give a compliment here and ideas for card and letter writing here.

Make it a habit

After you’ve sent or delivered your message on Absolutely Incredible Kid Day, make a note to do it again soon. (Here are some ideas on creating a letter writing habit.) Our young ones are facing new challenges—big and small—every day. Our encouraging words could make a tough morning bearable and a good afternoon even better. A few more ways to keep the love going…

  • Hide sweet little notes all around a younger child’s room—between books on a shelf, inside toy trucks, under pillows or cushions.
  • Write a few heartfelt letters to your teenager: to encourage, to comfort, to cheer up, to compliment, to say “I love you, always, no matter what.” Label each envelope, and give them in a box with a message to open as needed.
  • Keep a stash of cards on hand to send the kids in your life out of the blue, whenever you think of them. (Of course we have some ideas for those.)

Who will you reach out to on Absolutely Incredible Kid Day? (Hint: it doesn’t have to be your own kids.) Show us how you deliver them on Facebook and Instagram @think.make.share with #CareEnough.


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