A National Compliment Day challenge…share the love!

Jennifer Silvers is a Hallmark senior editor with a talent for making her friends and coworkers feel really good about themselves. In honor of National Compliment Day, she shares her day-making secrets. 

Hey, you.

Yes, YOU.

You have beautiful eyes. It’s true. Just as sure as you’re reading every word on this screen, you have two beautiful windows into your soul.

For those of you out-of-the-know, tomorrow is National Compliment Day. And you, Pretty Eyes, just got an early compliment. (And no, Hallmark didn’t make up this “holiday,” I swear.)

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According to the Almighty Internet, Debby Hoffman and Kathy Chamberlin created National Compliment Day in 1998 with the hopes of reminding people that a simple compliment can forge a quick and positive connection between two people. How true is that? Very. How smart are those two? Again, very.

So, with the new year still overflowing with hope and good vibes, I thought I would hop on the bandwagon and celebrate National Compliment Day this year by doling out a compliment or two to a few of my unsuspecting coworkers.

I only have two rules for my compliments:

  1. The compliment must be sincere.
  2. The compliment must be specific to that person.

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Now, this is where Hallmark comes in. We have some great lettering artists here at The Crown, and they can make sincere and specific compliments look oh-so-sweet. Download these ready-to-give compliments, lettered by Amber Goodvin, and start making people’s day!

I hope you are ready to make some positive connections this new year and will join me in celebrating National Compliment Day tomorrow.  And remember my two rules for compliments: sincere and specific!

Until next time, Pretty Eyes!

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Download “I believe in you” here.

Download “I love your laugh” here.

Download “You have the best stories” here.

What’s the best compliment you’ve ever been given?



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  1. 1.23.15 | Reply
    sjanemills wrote:

    Best compliment: When I was young and started learning the bass guitar, a musician complimented my hands and said they were good for bass playing. I’m still playing the bass guitar today 🙂