A garden party just perfect for Instagram


Since the day I received this beautifully designed printed-paper-stapled-on-balsa-wood-perfectly-tied-twine-with-a-real-leaf garden party invite, I knew this was a party not to be missed. Not if you wanted to enjoy tasty treats and fun fellowship all in a picture-perfect setting. (Or in my case, Instagram-perfect.) Andy Newcom, a renowned photo-stylist of 30 years at Hallmark, threw a garden party at his beautiful home in Fairway, Kansas, and I was lucky enough to be on the guest list.


You know a stylist’s home is always camera-ready, especially when there’s party. Because Andy and I work in the same studio, and I knew he wouldn’t mind, I showed up slightly early with a fully charged iPhone, before the arrival of the guests, to snap a few pictures. Despite the fact that it was a garden party, I couldn’t help myself from wandering into his home to check out his exquisite décor. (Andy is going to post about his amazing house later this month!)



Some of his friends had been busy cooking and baking for days, nevertheless, his kitchen was still in perfect condition. Seriously. The rest of the day turned out to be as perfect as his home and garden. It was in the upper seventies, sunny with a light breeze. I’ll let the pictures tell the rest of the story because there were so many little touches of Andy that truly made the party magical. (Find more pictures on Instagram: #andysgardenparty)




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