A day of giftwrap exploration with Hallmark artists

Today, Art Director Liz Lippi shares a project created around one of our favorite ways of working — pure artist exploration! Liz is an Art Director for our gift presentation line of products, which is well-known for its fresh patterns, color palettes, and perspective. Need proof? Then read on!


Exploratory projects are always the most exciting to work on because the output exceeds expectations every single time. Things just have a natural way of coming together better than you ever thought possible when you put a bunch of talented and creative people in a room together for an entire day. That’s just what we did recently for a gift wrap workshop, and we couldn’t wait to share the results with you!



The setting for our workshop was an open room with large windows in the back of Union Hill Studio (our very own Hallmark photo studio). I always love working in Union Hill because of the relaxed, open and creative environment. We set up several tables to act as stations for the workshop. We got the music playing and the treats flowing…and then the magic happened. The artists and designers broke out their tools of the trade and jumped right in. Not too much over-thinking. Just making. Doing.


The purpose of this workshop was to create on-trend, artist-inspired product that feels one-of-a-kind. We wanted to show the artist’s hand in each piece. This work was not about the perfection of the design but more about the uniqueness. We had them create individual art pieces on actual giftwrap product.


The work that came out of this project was so cool. I would literally purchase each piece if I could—and maybe even frame a few. I hope that as it makes its way out to market, people will feel the exact same way!

Photographs by Jane Kortright.

We wanna know: Would you be excited to find these in your local gold crown store?


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  1. 2.28.15 | Reply
    Carol Tessmer wrote:

    I would love to do this at the KOC event in August. Christmas Keepsakes themed of course!

  2. 11.25.17 | Reply

    I love the mixture of colours in your art palette did you buy it somewhere particular? Im just inquiring because you don’t often find unique colours like that (I know some of them were blended).