2018 cookie decorating trends: Royal icing inspo with all the sprinkles

If you don’t make cookies—or eat them, at least—is it even Christmas? (OK, yeah, it is…but you know what we mean.) As the big day gets closer (and our attention spans at work get shorter, TBH), we can’t stop looking at holiday inspo. And because he loves us, our good friend Bernard S. at Hallmark’s Union Hill Photo Studio just handed over photos of his latest workshop with alllllllll the 2018 cookie decorating trends, from bright and minimal to sparkly and over-the-rooftop. Scroll on, y’all.

2018 cookie decorating trends: plate of decorated cookies

Want your cookies sharable and stackable? Here’s everything you’ll need.


  • Bernard’s sugar cookie recipes
  • Bernard’s royal icing recipes
  • Gel food coloring
  • Sanding sugar
  • Optional: Edible glitter/disco dust, cinnamon hearts, dragees/pearls
  • 12″ pastry bags
  • #2 round top
  • #3 round tip
  • Toothpicks
  • Paper plates or parchment (for experimenting)

Just-baked snowflake cookies

We’re showing off 2018 cookie decorating trends here, but we won’t desert you without help: Click here for step-by-step instructions straight from Bernard himself.

2018 cookie decorating trends workshop at Hallmark

Decorating sugar cookies with royal icing

To get a smooth, glossy surface, use the “flooding” or “flow” method outlined in this post.

2018 cookie decorating trends: workshop at Hallmark's Union Hill Studio

Decorating sugar cookies with royal icing

2018 cookie decorating trends: mittens with different patterns

If you’re going to going to cover your cookies with sugar and sprinkles, it’s fast and easy to paint them with royal icing. Bernard demos his technique in this video.

2018 cookie decorating trends: Snowflakes with white and gold accents

2018 cookie decorating trends: Pink snowflake with sprinkles

Pro tip

Want a bunch of different cookies to look like they go together—even when you and your kiddos are decorating together? Pick a simple color palette. (Sometimes we copy one from our favorite cards or gift wrap collection.)

2018 cookie decorating trends: Pink, red, and white iced cookies

2018 cookie decorating trends: Cookie ornaments and tree in pinks and greens

For smooth, flat designs, decorate with royal icing, adding color while it’s still wet. Hallmark Product Development Manager (and super-celebrator) Em B. shows you how in this video. (Or go the easy route with edible markers.)

2018 cookie decorating trends: White cookies with red and green accents

2018 cookie decorating trends: Decorated cookies

2018 cookie decorating trends: Decorated cookies

Whether you want to go extra-fancy or super-cinchy, we’ve got your cookies covered. Check out more recipes and techniques from our friends at Ideas & Inspiration. And share your favorites with us on Instagram @think.make.share.


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