Summer Hostess Gift Guide: Ideas for your gift closet

You’re a ridiculously gracious person who always selects the exact perfect hostess gift with ease and confidence.

Or maybe it’s more like you stop at the grocery store on your way to a party and “thoughtful” means “HEY I TOOK THE PRICE TAG OFF THE WINE BOTTLE YOU GUYS I AM DOING THE BEST I CAN.”

Either way: Summer means parties or picnics or weekend visits or all of the above. So we’re doing some advance planning and stocking our gift closets with stuff to keep on hand for our wonderful hostess friends. Read on to learn what to give as a hostess gift in our summer hostess gift guide!

Summer Hostess Gift Guide for the Effortless Entertainer

You’ll see her a lot this summer—she just loves having people over. Loud parties or intimate gatherings. Fancy food or simple snacks. Events worthy of a “save the date” card or completely spontaneous soirees. You feel lucky to be invited, mostly because she makes you feel so completely welcome.

  • How do you know it’s right? She can pull off a great party with zero planning time and using only things she currently has in her kitchen. She’s clearly a wizard.
  • Level it up: Grab something yummy and local—cheese, bread, or beer.

Summer Hostess Gift Guide |

  1. Wood Tray with White Marble Cutting Board Insert  |  2. Tropical Votive Candle  |  3. Flower Print Table Runner  |  4. Beer Flight Serving Set  |  5. Beer-Topia Book  |  6. Metallic Gold Accented Cork Coasters  |  7. Initial Monogram Ceramic Mug

Summer Hostess Gift Guide for the Organized One

Whether it’s a girls’ night or a girls’ weekend, it does not happen without her. She schedules the event, researches the venues, and reminds everyone (gently, of course) what is expected of them. Without her, you and your best lady friends might never actually see each other in person.

  • How do you know it’s right? If you’re together and need something—gum, a tissue, Emergency Girl Stuff—it’s in her purse. In a labeled zipper bag.
  •  Level it up: Include some pretty monogrammed note cards.

Summer Hostess Gift Guide |

  1. Color Blocked Cork Journal  |  2. Preppy Ceramic Pencil Cup  |  3. Artful Expression File Folders  |  4. Boss Lady Sign  |  5. Natural Office Organizer  |  6. Artful Glass Magnets  |  7. Gold Apple Paperweight

Summer Hostess Gift Guide  for the Passport Stamp Collector

She throws a great party with even better stories—when she’s in town. Her social media stream is full of enviable location shots and exotic dinners, and she’s likely to serve cocktails she’s reverse-engineered from her travels. You live vicariously.

  • How do you know it’s right? You have no idea where she is until you open Instagram.
  • Level it up: Print some of her travel photos.

Summer Hostess Gift Guide |

  1. Eat Local Market Bag  |  2. Embossed Ceramic and Bamboo Planter  |  3. Journey On Activity Journal  |  4. Bright Ikat Patterned Photo Album  |  5. Artful Expression Earbuds with Floral Case  |  6. Hibiscus Bowl Candle

Summer Hostess Gift Guide for the Happy Homebody

She invites everyone over so she won’t have to leave her nest. And why would she want to? Her house is beyond comfortable and insanely cozy and she makes everyone feel right at home—like, sock-feet-on-the-sofa, help-yourself-to-whatever, stay-as-long-as-you-want at home.

  • How do you know it’s right? You’re so comfortable there you almost forget to close the bathroom door.
  •  Level it up: Include a candle or houseplant—she knows you can never have too many.

Summer Hostess Gift Guide |

  1. Flowers Pillow  |  2. Ceramic Letter  |  3. Artful Ceramic Note Tray  |  4. Welcome Home Book  |  5. This is a Good Place Framed Wall Art  |  6. Blue Lantern

Summer Hostess Gift Guide for the Creative One

This time, you’re invited to spend the weekend at the place she’s house-sitting for the friend of a friend with the pool who said “of course invite people—that’s what it’s for!” Last time, it was cocktails in her tiny studio with all the great art. She’s all about fascinating people and interesting stuff and questionable decisions, and that’s why you love her.

  • How do you know it’s right? She talks in all caps and exclamation points.
  •  Level it up: Sparkling wine. Always.

Summer Hostess Gift Guide |

  1. Yellow and Red Chevron Patio Basket  |  2. Modern Shapes Pen  |  3. Outside the Lines Sketchbook  |  4. Cork Clutch Purse  |  5. Blue Bowtie Hanging Pot  |  6. Turquoise Flowers and Bird Dessert Plate  |  7. Hello Sign

Summer Hostess Gift Guide for the Modern Traditionalist

Her sense of style is utterly timeless but totally on-trend. She sets a table with her grandmother’s wedding china plus stuff from the dollar aisle and it totally works. She serves an entree she found in a Julia Child cookbook with this amazing wine she got for less than $10. She just knows how to put stuff together, you know?

  • How do you know it’s right? She can wear linen and it doesn’t wrinkle. No one understands this.
  •  Level it up: Take something classy like perfectly ripe fruit—pears or figs or berries or something—or dark chocolate.

Summer Hostess Gift Guide |

  1. Large Wicker Tray  |  2. Wood & Marble Cutting Board  |  3. Preppy Ceramic Lidded Jar  |  4. Classic Black and Gold Memo Notes  |  5. Hobo Saddle Bag  |  6. Gold Pineapple Framed Art

What’s the best summer hostess gift you’ve ever gotten…or given? What do you keep on hand so you’re always ready for a party? Tell us! Tell us! Tag us @think.make.share on Instagram or follow us on Facebook.



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    We just got into the idea of a gift closet too! We are definitely guilty of the “taking the price tag off the wine bottle” gift! Our moms were always so prepared when we were younger with little gifts ready to go for a last minute invite. We put together a list of a few easy gift kits (for grown-ups!) and have all the details here: