A Painterly Silk Scarf Workshop

As Creative Resource Discovery Consultant, it’s Keda M.’s whole job to inspire other creatives. In a recent silk scarf painting workshop, she showed painters and illustrators how to translate their skills onto wearable art.

A small group of us gathered in Hallmark’s creative workshop to spend a couple of days creating images on silk scarves using reactive dyes.

The process is a little like using water colors—but much more organic.

Artist Bet D. immediately got to work, and was soon painting gorgeous flowers.

Some of the illustrations would have looked right at home in a fairytale landscape.

Other artists drew on a variety of influences and styles, from Asian-inspired brush marks to geometric surface designs.

Ann G. embraced the medium, applying vibrant colors and bold designs with her paintbrush.

Everyone took a different and personal approach.

There were delicate painters…

Experimental painters…

And the let’s-just-have some-fun painters.

When all the artists were finished painting, I steamed and washed all the silks.

Now all that was left was to iron these works of art.

The designs were each beautiful in their own way. I wanted to wear all of them.

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  1. 1.6.17 | Reply
    Adrienne wrote:

    Looks like fun.

  2. 1.8.17 | Reply
    Anne Adams Ret. wrote:

    These are such beautiful works of art.
    So exciting to see how they began and how they ended up. Amazing.
    Would love to be in one of these classes anytime. Thanks for all the sharing!