Who doesn’t love a cute key ring? Especially an adorable DIY version that doesn’t take long to make, uses stuff you’ve already got, and can be as simple or as fancy as you want it to be? Hallmark Designer Leslie S. showed us these macramé keychains featuring knots, tassels and beads, and we had to share. Because macramé, people.*

DIY macramé keychains

If you need an excuse to make a custom keychain, we’ve got you:

  • Update the keychain you’ve had since before you can remember
  • Create a spare set of keys for the pet-sitter
  • Make a spare set of keys to leave with the neighbor so when you lock yourself out you don’t have to break into your own place
  • Decorate your backpack
  • Decorate your purse
  • Create the snazziest luggage tag on the baggage carousel
  • Get organized by creating a separate key ring for all those tiny rewards cards
  • Use this as a way to hone your already fabulous macramé skills

Leslie made six different custom macramé keychains. You can find printable instructions for the two personalized keychains on the far left and far right.

For the striped macramé keychain, she used vertical half-stitch knots and wool roving yard to make the stripes. The third and fifth custom keychains are super easy—string a few beads and add a tassel. (To get a quick refresher on how to make a tassel, check out our DIY Tassel Bookmark post.) And the fourth DIY keychain pictured here is just a long braid folded in half and wrapped with embroidery floss.

Macramé and tassel keychains

Tassel keychain with handpainted Sculpey beads

Leslie made beads out of Sculpey and hand-painted them, because of course she did. You can do the same, or try painting some wooden beads, or use any other bead you’d like.

Braided and macramé keychains

Macramé keychain with hand painted Sculpey bead and wrapped tassel

For the macramé keychains, you’ll just need a few things.


Beaded tassel and macramé keychain

(In the instructions, Leslie wraps up her key ring with a simple finishing knot. But you can fancy things up on your tassel or macramé keychains by wrapping it with different colors of yarn or floss.)

Handpainted beads on a tassel keyring

*Yes. We dig macramé kind of a lot. If you find yourself a little addicted to it after you make a keychain or two, check out this tutorial. Photo Stylist Andy N. shows us how to make a square knot, the foundation of macramé, as well as spiral and half-hitch knots. You can see many cool macramé designs and patterns in this recent post.

Well, did you try it? Show us! And show us where you put them—we’re always looking for new ideas! Share your pics  of this and other macramé projects, including plant hangers, wall hangings, bracelets, necklaces, curtains—whatever you have created with knots, beads, tassels, ropes and cord—on Instagram at @think.make.share and on Facebook.

Photography by Ty Hester.








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