Hallmark Art Collection: Creative inspiration for artists

The Hallmark Art Collection is everywhere around here.

Go to our cafe for a latte, and you’ll pass half a dozen paintings and sculptures. Chat with your boss, and you’ll see the work they chose especially for their office. A trip to our creative library, the art supply center—even the restroom—is a chance to see pieces of contemporary art our founding family started collecting almost 70 years ago.

J.C. Hall wanted creatives to be surrounded with museum-quality art: He believed it had the power to inspire, challenge, and teach us. That couldn’t be more true, as evidenced by the poems and stories found on the Hallmark Art Collection website. Curator Joe Houston continues to expand the collection, which now features 3800 works by 1200 artists. Still…when you work here every day and you’re running from meeting to meeting, it’s easy to forget this isn’t your average work environment. So it was nice to be reminded with this fabulous video and article from Quartz.com.


Take yourself on a guided tour of the Hallmark Art Collection by browsing the website. You won’t be disappointed!


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